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wangyiyouxi· 2017-01-21 03:44:53

Spring Festival is approaching, all those who love the storm hero players will also usher in multiple gifts. With this week's new new battlefield bloodthirsty scuffle scuffle released at the same time, the Spring Festival and the storm many welfare activities. Play the game to send festive atmosphere, full of surprises and a cock horse red storm, the line can receive three days of supplements, and the acclaimed New Spring Festival also not to be missed. Open embrace your inner wild

this week's theme

new bloodthirsty scuffle scuffle scuffle, game player they can enjoy fighting in the Regal bloodthirsty blessing, for the glory of victory. As usual, the player needs to select one of the three random heroes to join the Dragon town. On the battlefield opens, every 30 seconds, each team will have two game player get Regal bloodthirsty effect, moving speed and attack speed of its hero will improve and get a life stealing effect. In addition, there are 15% probability that all players have been given bloodthirsty, open a fierce confrontation. It should be noted that 17 minutes after the start of the game, all players will get a permanent effect of the bloodthirsty. The dragon knight and all mercenaries have a permanent effect of blood. Don't forget to take these factors into consideration when you are planning a battle plan.

rules were randomly selected to choose a join Dragon Town battlefield from three randomly selected heroes, you only have 30 seconds to make a choice!


opens every 30 seconds, each team will have two game player get Regal bloodthirsty effect.

has a 15% chance to get all players to get the effect.

17 minutes later, all players will be permanently bloodthirsty effect.

dragon knight and all mercenaries have a permanent effect.

's first team to destroy the enemy's core will win!


competed in three games to get 1000 bloodthirsty scuffle and Gold Award:

" Spring Festival Spring Festival a series of new incoming new more multiple benefits

including the new hero Valera, Valera, new skin demon hunter Li Min, king Samuro and the new spring festival the horse demon hound, rooster, Spring Festival, somersault cloud has been announced, we can get them in the next period of time. In addition, many activities during the Spring Festival is not to be missed!

: the Spring Festival Golden Rooster 27.409 during the event, the daily tasks will refresh every day of the Golden Rooster 27.409. Every daily task will be able to get 200 gold awards, and when you have completed the 25 Golden Rooster 27.409, you can get the Spring Festival and the Spring Festival horse cock cock head!

"content_img_p": how can the Spring Festival make friends with congenial persons to grab red envelopes less? During the event, as long as the game with the friends to complete the specified number of board, you can get storm red envelopes. Enhancer,, hero packs, even the 2017 Lunar New Year gift bag may have hidden in red envelopes! In the beginning of the challenge, do not forget to go to the activities during the event page registration oh!

" Spring Festival ceremony: help battle during the event, game player can receive three days of supplements, a boost for the Spring Festival holiday battle. You can make supplements in the game experience 2 times, 2.5 times a gold coin. Note that the enhancer receive immediately after activation, remember to arrange their time!

Spring Festival multiple gift coming, this Spring Festival storm must fire. Enjoy holidays with family and friends at the same time, do not forget to come together to celebrate the space-time hub!

Author: Storm hero official

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