Luo Yonghao's survival depends on 2017 the hammer technology

Luo Yonghao hammer technology intelligence chip

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recently, the hammer technology @yiwanzhutouro before the big bang hammer technology caused widespread concern in the industry. Whether he broke the news, the company took place a large area of layoffs, or referred to the manager to do the work of management is very deadly, are full of topics. The voice of a grass-roots staff but completely opened the hammer technology internal management and operations, so that we see a more real hammer.

" in the past year, the hammer is bittersweet: a loss in the first half of 192 million, the Alibaba to mortgage equity, CTO money morning leave, third generation mobile phone market M1 … … obviously, with sales pressure and external dispute hammer technology has come to the cross mark, while the market for Luo Yonghao don't have much time. Success or failure, 2017 has become the hammer technology is the most critical year.

M1 change is not so large, the hammer can rely on a mobile phone to

previously hammer several products are to be long in coming, behind the rhythm of the market nearly half a year. This leads to poor sales in the first two generations of products, even the company only the sale price peibenzhuanyaohe. Hammer T1 sales of only about 250 thousand units, T2 sales did not pick up. Then, the hammer will almost throw the helve after the hatchet bet on normal finally listed M1 body.

hammer M1 did give the market some surprises, Luo powder who can finally get a market in a timely manner not to lose the mainstream configuration of the phone. Smartisan OS added a large explosion, One Step, speech and other functions for the. The hardware configuration also appeared Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 chip, 4GB / 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 23 million pixel main camera, fingerprint recognition module flagship configuration. It also gave Luo Yonghao enough confidence to the market price of 2499 yuan.

after the initial enthusiasm faded, many people found that hammer M1 seems to lose their feelings. Especially similar to Apple Home key circular button once let a lot of hardcore Luo Fenda disappointed, many M1 users because of quality problems against hammer. So it seems that the hammer M1 change and did not imagine so much, compared to the feelings described by Luo Yonghao, M1 can only be considered a qualified product.

but in any case, M1 is Luo Yonghao's favourite work, "the normal" is a hammer a hammer mobile phone, cannot get the experience, quality control, processing. M1 sales directly show whether the hammer has been recognized by the market, which in 2017 will have the final answer.

internal management is more serious than the product problems, feelings of Loss Lose hammer centripetal

and CTO broke the former employees of the big money morning away is a stark reality: the internal management of the hammer is more serious than product. The

@yiwanzhutouro published a four thousand word essay about his feelings in the hammer inside: initial flexible working hours into hard work overtime, even if employees do nothing; promotion mechanism rigid, promoting his own people become the norm; the team manager only bug, and strong high efficiency cooperation mode; the company bonus is not in place, disguised forced employees to resign so. The loss of human nature of

, the loss of innovation ability, the neglect of the grass-roots staff, the lack of experience in the management of middle-level cadres are eroding the confidence of internal staff for the enterprise. He referred to the company after the occurrence of a large area of layoffs is verified for the M1 conference as many as 200 people left, such large-scale personnel is difficult to say will not affect the cohesion of the enterprise.

business veteran money morning departure is considered to be the founder of the hammer team opened the gap. It was Luo Yonghao's feelings touched the money in the morning, and now is the feeling of passing away the money. There are people close to hammer technology said that Luo Yonghao himself shares through equity pledge to Alibaba, with shares in money to help make money morning have realized that there are feelings of the hammer has come to the edge of the cliff near endangered.

Luo Yonghao himself from the original radical mouth gun has gradually returned to calm, reflection, which seems to be a good thing. But it is clear that he needs to save the hearts of the people in 2017, the establishment of a scientific and effective operation mechanism. And can balance the gap between feelings and reality will become the key to determine the success or failure. The intention of

to imitate millet ecological chain model, but the mobile phone market is undergoing a revolution of

back to the beginning, Luo Yonghao's goal is to go beyond Jobs and apple, bring about a radical revolution in mobile phone market. And now, Luo Yonghao re set goals, set its goal as "Chinese Jobs and millet Lei Jun.

recently, Luo Yonghao said it would produce a series of intelligent hardware projects, and revealed that the air purifier has been put into mass production, will be released in the fall. This familiar pattern is now playing the rest of the millet ecological chain mode, relying on the production of higher cost of hardware products continue to sell feelings. But the difference is that when the launch of the ecological chain of millet mobile phone industry is at its peak, while the hammer at this time to launch the ecological chain is more like a helpless phone business under the helpless.

millet as a hammer mimicked predecessors are now in dire straits the embarrassing situation, the year before the first mobile phone also landed in fifth place last year. The rapid fall of millet not only shows the mobile phone market has entered into intense cruelty

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