The birth of a baby, a......

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lamabang· 2017-01-21 04:52:23

we must have heard that

baby is the only chance for women to improve physical fitness, right?

have you ever heard of

baby can actually cure?

do not believe you can see part

inspired by the network

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" don't ask me how to do the three, estimated to be God, four?...... I know there are five fans in the mother, warrior, please accept my knees! You ought to be wearing a bit of temper! Look, I'll wait for you on the wall!

do not know at the moment you are in the comics (1 children) or control against the root (2 EVA) on the road, I immediately is to enter the root Road, think of some acid!

- End -


Li little, little bean @ soil home, WeChat public number: lidiandianVIP. 80, picture book cartoonist, now living in Germany, had a son named with potatoes, humorous comic record of potato growth, and not the same as the German parenting philosophy. By millions of mothers: mother's spokesman. Published books: Meng Bao potatoes in germany.

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