If your child is 5-12 years old, please take a few minutes to read this article!

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, the American psychologist William James once said: "sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny. "

habits can determine a person's fate. Can you take the responsibility, will not work, how ability, I am afraid that with your habits.

to look at this story:

a very high request to some foreign enterprises recruitment, education level, height appearance and other objective conditions are very good for young people, win glory in battle, into the final hurdle - interview. But never thought, no questions, no problem, just 10 minutes, they all failed. This is why?

general manager of the original excuse to leave in 5 minutes, these young people will be proud of the extraordinary, around the capital stage of the general manager, look at the material, read the data. 10 minutes later, the general manager came back and said: the interview is over. This group of young people are very puzzled. The general manager said: "I'm sorry, none of you was accepted, because the company never admit those who turn things over. Young people listen to, suddenly: we so long, and never think about among other things is much wrong, how serious!

only once, because of a bad habit, and they missed opportunities.

education is to cultivate habits, especially children in the age of 5-12 years of age. In children before the age of 12 to help him develop a good habit, will not only benefit children for life, their parents will worry a lot.

children need to develop a lot of good habits, including learning habits and habits, as well as some necessary etiquette habits. The first of these etiquette habits, parents learn from it, and then to teach children, let the children enjoy the life.

1. bent over to pick something, shoelaces, must not squat, Juezhaopigu overturned, looks very elegant.

2. don't eat sound, don't gobble, is not conducive to digestion, but also detrimental to the image. Don't bite the noodles to eat, to the stomach suction; soup with a spoon.

3. to sit on the bench with knees together, hands on knees, just sit on a chair 1/3; don't open or your feet, legs, ugly dead.

4. to someone else's home, without the owner's permission, do not arbitrarily flip things.

5. no matter what kind of food, like to eat, but also to control, in particular, do not eat binge drink, whether at home or outside.

6. to someone else's home, regardless of whether the owner of the meal is in line with their own tastes, should be issued a sincere praise, said delicious, to show respect.

7. finished eating, it is best to help the owners together to clean up the table; even if the other side does not help, but also to have this move, thanks.

8. pick up the phone, the first sentence to say "hello", the words are finished, let the other party to hang up the phone; if the other party let you hang up, said "goodbye", pause for 3 seconds and then hang.

9. others for you to add tea, water or the provision of services, must sit up or walking bowed glass with the help, to show respect.

10. mobile phone or computer to watch others photos of other items, without permission, don't turn down.

11. public, eat Zhushou, bones, chicken bones big food. Especially girls, grinning eating like, really does not look good.

12. be friendly to people and always smile. This is the world pass, regardless of national boundaries, without translation, never outdated.

these etiquette knowledge, is a good embodiment of a good culture, parents not only to teach children, and their first to do a good job. Because the parents are the first teachers of the children, every word and action has a great influence on children. Only the parents do, the child will "follow suit", consciously abide by good etiquette.

in addition to these etiquette habits, parents have to stimulate the habit of children's independent learning, the management of the back will be a lot easier, it can be seen that there is a good learning habits is how important!

student stage is a key period of good habits, is the initial stage of human growth, but also the beginning of the formation of the basic quality of the people. Primary school stage is not important achievement, but the cultivation of habits, grades remittent children, or like the child, although very clever, but it is not love learning, often lack good habits.

especially the newly enrolled children should pay more attention to habits, in order to lay the foundation for the subsequent study, lay the background for the development of children.

the following habits of primary school students to form a very practical, worthy of permanent collection of parents.

1 content learning habits, to finish the homework on time.

2, develop the correct reading and writing posture. Know the three one.

3, can read the Pinyin story.


1, ready for second days a day of school supplies.

2, wake up early in the morning.

3, eat on time, do not eat snacks, cherish food.

4, love books

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If your child is 5-12 years old, please take a few minutes to read this article!

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