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1 the afternoon of 19 March, the 2017 season "hero alliance" occupation League (referred to as: LPL) the spring season kicks off in Shanghai Zhengda plaza.

1 the afternoon of 19 March, the 2017 season "hero alliance" occupation League (referred to as: LPL) the spring season kicks off in Shanghai Zhengda plaza. The opening of the new IM playing wild Ben4 amazing performance, led the team to beat RNG 2:0. In the subsequent IG and OMG for Rookie, with the excellent battlefield smell and scheduling, IG won the opener more easily. Before the start of the game, Clearlove as contestants, was awarded LPL certificate of occupation player.

" figure 1: Tencent mutual entertainment league leader Mr. Huang Lingdong Clearlove issued certificate of occupation players

1 19

RNG 0:2 IM Ben4 rookie race back even with MVP to help the team win over RNG

miracle teacher always gives people a surprise: IM is enabled in the opener of their team just introduced to play the field players before the game Ben4, nobody guessed the unknown LPL new so quickly be able to conquer the audience and interpretation, the first Kazike with two early complete suppression of the line, the Second Bureau to blind monk within the effective time of 100% s the rate of showing their good sense of rhythm. The game Ben4 in the control of the dragon and the presence of two aspects of the performance of the olfactory is called perfect. Congratulations to IM won the season opener.

2:IM Ben4

IM and domestic rookie jungler is mature team compared to RNG in the first game performance is just a little bit worse. Perhaps the team now needs more combat team to finish running, the line of performance although stable, but it seems that they need a key to Mr. three fronts together, the status of the Mlxg is still in recovery, perhaps they should try to do more in the former period of linkage among wild auxiliary.

the first game on both sides after the first meeting of the wild has basically lost the suspense IG Ryan Garr and Le Fran on such a strong explosive force partner after getting the big advantage of opening led the whole rhythm, take the road Xiyang Duke road Smlz Sinjid no way, can not stop across the whole team for the first time after the bombing, Duke sent support under the road Jiangong, OMG fell into a chronic state of death. Second JueJue get the blind monk case, and do not bring up the rhythm, although JueJue Icon once helped kill off Rookie, but still can not stop the development and growth of the late hero, Xiyang Titan one transmission support skill mistakes directly ruined the road built on the Smlz line, under the wind OMG almost no strength to fight back. Rely on the absolute control of vision and field, IG scored in a way of Baron Nash push, even under the two city beat OMG.

1 20 preview

1 20 17:00 WE vs Newbee

"Dragon Warrior" Condi "when one hundred thousand volts Swift

from the surface of the card case, WE B is among the most promising group a team defending champion team EDG shake the status, this includes they retained from the previous season stable lineup, and the skillful team. The first game of the new season they will encounter depth thick Newbee, the four team players sitting on the road, the ability for different competitors to create four sets of different styles in the wild wild partner, Swift will be the key role of the engine type. However, it is the Swift, but in the last season by WE.Condi more than once sanctions, Condi won the "Dragon Slayer" reputation in the last year, whether it is how the face of the opponent, no matter what kind of market situation, he always Tannangquwu like from the opponent grabbed giant dragon or baron Nash. This field match, the linkage effect of playing field position and the cause of the confrontation will become a key trend of the game where.

3:WE spring tournament the latest lineup of

figure 4:Newbee spring new lineup on 20

1 19:00

EDG vs VG Bengi LPL world championship challenge defending champion

Bengi once met EDG, in the summer of 2015 season in the championship. The game lost Bengi Clearlove Evelyn, SKT also lost to EDG. After a lapse of a year and a half, the three world finals champion playing wild Bengi and VG together again face EDG. VG of the season only in the playing field position on the personnel adjustment, the arrival of Bengi so that they formed a world champion in the fields, and this will be the season in their daring vanguard cuichengbazhai. In contrast, the defending champion EDG, after losing top player ADC Deft, with a new generation of double road has become one of the most concern -- if you can seamlessly, so EDG's strong will as in the past, but a little slack, then behind such as WE, VG this team will complete the overtaking; in addition, Fireloli also worth in the back at LPL after the performance monitor. The confrontation, Meiko may be able to walk in a timely manner

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