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Loda collapse 7 chat DOTA2: favorite player is 3154

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wangyiyouxi· 2017-01-21 04:59:57

During the

WESG world finals, DOTA Loda and the ancient god "members" collapse of 7 (Bone7) used between chatted version and other topics.

loda" and the collapse of 7 although started to like the new version of the unbalanced Tucao shortcomings, but when they asked 7 versions of what a bad time, said two people love this version is very. When asked about a favorite partner, the collapse of 7 did not hesitate to say another party member EE (3154). Small series just want to say, collapse 7 elder brother you speak like this will expose the true identity of the 3154.

video source: WESG

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