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wangyiyouxi· 2017-01-21 05:00:01

Beijing time on January 20th, Blizzard released blue stickers said from the beginning of next week, the weekly fam low cap will be raised to 15, can get a maximum of 925 other awards!

" as following:

with dark blue stickers the fortress normal and Heroic mode of opening, or the highest loading goods Titan war has increased to 925. When the original drop can reach or exceed the level of 895 items, now have the highest chance to upgrade to 925.

next week, , with the opening of the epic night fortress, we will upgrade the 12 tier to the level of the 15 tier of the key stone dungeon reward items to upgrade, each layer to enhance the bonus of up to 5, etc.. If you this week, you can complete a 15 level dungeon, there will be a class of reward box waiting for you in your career hall next week.

the blue stickers description of some vague, so for after the fam bonus changes we can now make some speculation that the

current can be determined that now the Titan creation and war reward items limit has been raised to 925, so even the top fam this week, also has a chance to get equipment high reward the. And this week, through the 15 layer of the key stone dungeon dungeon players, next week to determine the level of assurance can receive a minimum of 15 boxes of incentives, incentives to install equipment and so on, there will be at least 900.

but for fam reward promotion, because the blue paste just very general said "will increase 12 to 15 layers of epic key. Dungeon rewards level increases, each reward upgrade 5 loading, so the number of awards specifically installed equipment can not be confirmed, if literally meaning, 12 reward equipment loading will increase 5 points, even if it is a 12 storey low box, will reward 890 loading equipment, complete the 15 layer challenge game player, will get 905 bonus:

fam layers the weekly settlement award
15< reward box /td>890905


but if blizzard had for the fam reward adjustment, the highest level of each version of the settlement and the reward is often the team can get the epic corresponding to the minimum loading etc.. In the test of courage at the beginning of the line, the epic of Odin and high El drop equipment such as 885, 890 and 7.1 of the epic Hella, FAM low loading is 885. The dark fortress, falling under the epic difficulty according to the degree of difficulty is divided into 900, 905 and 910, so the final reward 15 layer is 900 if loading is very reasonable, and as a result, the 12 layer low reward 885 loading equipment set does not change:

the number of reward fam box weekly settlement reward

on the 15 layer of low rewards based outfit is 900 or 905 in the US forums has many questions in the message game player, but Blizzard has not yet made an official response. But anyway, FAM weekly low reward promotion for everyone is a good thing, after all, some of the equipment or occupation graduated from five of the output. For example, in setting the fate of RET yesterday trigger rate cut after graduation and return to the jewelry counter output serdab rye organs, after the reward. This upgrade, five output equipment for the fort will continue to maintain no small competitiveness.

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