No. seven Chongqing will smile knife ready sister-in-law cited dissatisfaction!

Chongqing sister in law lol concern

tuwanwang· 2017-01-21 05:00:05

yesterday night, LOL well-known anchor No. seven specially flew from Shanghai to Chongqing and Helen rendezvous, recorded years before the last period of the "middle-aged" kanghan. The beautiful campus Belle often mention of every hue class Queen "img_box"

smiled live, there are a variety of childhood sweetheart seven uncle arrived in Chongqing, became the first concern, followed by the Chongqing delicacy.

is used to summarize the childhood sweetheart later grown into a pretty and her mother is also very young class queen mother and two sisters like general beautiful lakes restaurant. The seven uncle...... Put a knife to sister-in-law! "

" even so, the last seven or wish to eat Sichuan food, but not that it doesn't know. Childhood sweetheart ~

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" to see these hot spicy delicacy, can not help people inviting. You two middle-aged night poison, have considered the feelings of the fans? "

" to see Uncle eat it with relish, has completely ignored the people around the dish was a well deserved reputation, rivers and lakes.

" Hey! You two middle-aged night poison even, this show of affection. Wait! The sister-in-law and 30 seconds to reach the battlefield, crush them

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