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with the continuous improvement of online shopping platform, more and more users choose to buy digital products on the Internet, and several major electricity supplier website is the most representative of the number of Jingdong mall. Jingdong with mall logistics and rapid customer service has won the favor of consumers; this paper inventory for you at this stage Jingdong mobile phone sales charts in the top ten of the product, if you want to buy a smart mobile phone, may wish to take this list for reference.

" immediately to the new year, Jingdong mall also opened special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival [see], not only to provide a preferential price of various types, and every day there will be ninety percent off surprise price for mobile phone panic buying, recently wanted to purchase a friend, is a good opportunity. More interesting is that the small series found last year's listing price of 5288 yuan of mobile Moto X pole, and now in Jingdong mall has dropped to $1899.

, its biggest feature is the use of the design of 5 layer absorbing impact force, the first layer is made of aluminum core material as the substrate; the second layer adopts the flexible AMOLED display layer; the third layer is equipped with a dual touch structure is rare, in the main touch layer failure can also be normal use; the fourth layer is shatter proof layer; fifth layer is shatter proof protective layer. There are overseas users of the aircraft carried out UAV altitude drop test, falling from the height of 100 meters can still be used properly.

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TOP10 (Jingdong this week mall sales price update to 2017.1.20) features of the Jingdong
product name product
unbreakable flagship mobile phone, the listing price of 5288 yuan 1899 yuan
Le Max2 Xiaolong 820 processor, 4+32GB memory, high the price of 1299 yuan
Meizu MX6 one full metal body, Flyme 6, straight down 200 yuan 1599
ZUK Z2 sold the cheapest 820 yuan plus a mobile phone mobile phone 1199
3T snapdragon 820+6GB+64GB storage, 2699 yuan
glory 8 spot on sale Dual camera, 1999 yuan
Moto M full metal body ultra high color value, Dolby stereo sound, fast charge + waterproof 1999 yuan
Samsung S7 Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, double-sided glass also waterproof 3588 yuan
hammer M1/M1L snapdragon 820/821 top performance, stock on sale, coupons minus 2002499 yuan
miniS black Nubian Yan, support bus card, feel good 1599 yuan

: IT168 mobile phone channel every day will recommend some value of the mobile phone products and digital peripheral, the price will be updated in real time. If you miss the value recommended, we can focus on every Saturday

Moto X boutique summary! : one year price 3000 yuan shatterproof screen mobile phone only 1899 yuan

hardware configuration, Moto X equipped with a 5.4 inch flexible AMOLED screen, compared with the traditional glass based AMOLED screen, flexible screens in resistance fall is a qualitative leap. The processor, Moto X is equipped with 810 Xiaolong eight processor, clocked at up to 2.0GHz. The camera is also equipped with a 21 million pixel camera, and especially in the dark environment is optimized to obtain better low light effect. Running memory with 3GB RAM, fuselage 64GB storage space, and support microSD expansion.

Moto on the other hand, X is equipped with a built-in 3670mAh lithium ion polymer battery, and also supports the Moto turbine fast charge, official data showed that a 15 minute charge to bring 8 hours. Network, Moto X is still a continuation of the Moto X full Netcom pedigree, support mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications network full 4G, and also uses a dual nano-SIM card dual sim dual standby. On the other hand, such as 5, nano waterproof microphone NICAM joined. The software, Moto X is equipped with a native Android 5.1.1 system, the future will be upgraded to Android 6 system in the form of OTA.

Le Max 2: Xiaolong 820 high price premium mobile phone only 1299 yuan

from the hardware point of view, Le Max 2 does have a very good price, for example, is equipped with 5.7 inch 2K screen, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, also has 4GB of memory to run (the gold version is equipped with 6GB memory) and 21 million camera. Coupled with the new Type-C one charging port, ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, fast charging, CNC technology, a mainstream configuration.

has high cost of hardware, Max2 mobile phone is also remarkable in terms of design. The machine uses a full metal body design, and the continuation of the music as the previous borderless ID design style, mature technology and workmanship in the same price in the phone also has a very good advantage. The music Max2 mobile phone in addition to the system based on Android 6 custom EUI 5.8, but also built a wealth of video resources, which is also its
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Weekly TOP10:Moto X fell to 1899

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