"The mission" Steam game player to break 6 million Ranger

Steam China players Tencent

qudongzhijia· 2017-01-21 06:03:11

Tencent agent of the American comic style first person shooting game hero "mission Ranger", recently in the total game player Steam platform again to refresh the record, break 6 million mark. From the last breakthrough 5 million, only a month .

from the exposure data, "the mission Ranger" daily active game player stable at around 30000, redubujian.

it is understood that in a recent interview, "mission Ranger" operations director Todd Harris said, "the mission is very optimistic about the prospects in the China Ranger", and believe that the strength of the operation of Tencent.

in the future development plan, there will be the introduction of the PVE model and cart map.

"mission Ranger" the earliest time Tencent introduced, accused of "plagiarism" and "pioneer", but the developer Hi-Rez said, those seemingly copycat "watch the pioneer" hero in "mission Ranger" beta test had already appeared earlier than the "watch" pioneer, denied plagiarism.

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