Zhou Libo was arrested in the United States after drug-related, fraud SMS blacklist

The United States Zhou Libo social fraud

ITzhijia· 2017-01-21 06:03:15

1 20, Zhou Libo was arrested in the United States for illegal possession of firearms and cocaine. Beijing time tonight at 11, the case will be the first hearing.

as a well-known talk show host, Zhou Libo has been sought after by many users. After the news came out, the domestic media and social platform repercussions.

, for example, to the crooks also hot rub … &hellip

20 16 am, @ Quanzhou police patrol law enforcement official blog published this screenshot. Scammers claiming to be Zhou Libo, needed $ten thousand bail, and stressed that "I will bail out to 200 times the return to you, and in the Shanghai Qing mouth praise you. "

netizens laugh and immediately said, this is more like the hand piece is made up of … …

, although it will catch a liar hotspot is obvious to people are generally, can say" days after there is chongchou "what is not," Shanghai Qing mouth "this praise you not pragmatic. … …

, but can not say, if the teacher really cheat Zhou Libo, like Zhou Libo in" One Zhou Libo show, so understand fraud like ~

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