Battery size is the main cause of Samsung Note7 fire

Samsung Wall Street journal main cause dimensions

ITzhijia· 2017-01-21 06:03:23

Samsung official has announced that the confirmation will be officially announced the results of the survey Galaxy Note7 fire explosion in January 23rd, and now the latest video broadcast, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier revealed the main reason Samsung investigation found Note7 explosion.

Note7 is Samsung Samsung battery supplier subsidiary Samsung SDI Co. and Hongkong based Amperex Technology Ltd., Amperex for Samsung mobile phone battery is manufactured in a factory in the mainland Chinese.

reported that the Samsung survey results show that the explosion of Note7 or Samsung SDI battery, the battery size non-compliance issues are not properly embedded in the mobile phone, mobile phone and battery size disharmony caused by overheating. As for the Amperex to cover the music world of Note 7 cell defects concentrated in a production problem, then replace the mobile phone production expanded rapidly, causing the production problems, it is not clear exactly what kind of production problems.

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