IPad Mini and Switch how to choose?

IPad mini analyst fall in love with

weifengwang· 2017-01-21 06:03:26

iPad Mini and Nintendo's new game machine Switch should be how to choose between? Some analysts believe that, perhaps he will eventually choose Switch.

"I love iPad Mini, I think the whole size of iPad is too large, since the iPad Mini tablet computer is my favorite, and the Apple Corp launched iPad is one of my most love Apple Corp do. But perhaps in March this year, I will find a reason to give up my iPad Mini 3, choose to carry Switch to travel everywhere. "

" when I picked up iPad Mini for the first time, I thought, wow, that's really what I want. At that time Apple released iPhone 5, while Samsung is trying to persuade people to accept the increasingly large screen smartphone. At that time some friends think, 4.3 inch screen is a little big, but now? The flagship level iPhone screen is 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Simply put, as the phone screen gets bigger, I don't force myself to use a 7.9 inch iPad Mini unless I know I'm going to use it for a long time. The fact that iPad Mini

analyst from the second generation to now, almost did not change, he also felt that iPad Mini 4 upgrade is not enough to attract more consumers to choose it, therefore, analysts believe that iPad Mini system has been stalled.

I think iOS version also ignored the iPad Mini, which is Apple's UI decision, Apple's UI is more suitable for full-size iPad and iPhone, but it is not suitable for iPad Mini. So, unless I know I want to use it, for otherwise, iPad Mini now for my appeal is really no big before. "

for Nintendo Switch, analysts believe that, if your iPad Mini is mainly used for entertainment, so Switch is a natural alternative. First of all, it's small enough to be portable, and it can bring us a completely different game world. In fact, if only

from the game point of view, Switch should be better than the iPad, but analysts believe that the Nintendo Switch design is completely different, it will exist between the tablet computer and game machine.

Switch great, and this way of control, in fact, we have repeatedly seen in the concept design of the tablet PC, but tried this design tablet, and ultimately tragic failure. In the absence of the company to do better than Nintendo before, Switch is brilliant, is a perfect work. "

" however, apple, Google and Microsoft are in a different way in their own work, maybe Switch never Apple Corp and persistent competition, but the arrival of Switch, has allowed us to see more possibilities. "There is no doubt that

, now iPad, or that the tablet computer market situation is not good, but the tablet computer is not a required each year to replace the hardware category, the practicality of its inherent, have so many users do not want to update your own iPad. In fact, iPad

analysts believe that there are still a lot of room for growth, but now Switch is coming soon, it will make some users abandon the iPad and choose their own, become iPad's rival?

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