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IPhone the United States consumer answer

weifengwang· 2017-01-21 06:03:31

if you choose to buy iPhone now, which one will you choose? IPhone is like a small SE? Or like the new iPhone after the introduction of the purchase price after the old section, or, I just like the latest best iPhone. And from some consumer survey report (quarterly data), the United States consumers still love the latest, largest and most expensive iPhone 7 Plus.

" but iPhone has just launched 7 series, iPhone 7 is clearly that one of the more popular (third quarter data), but with the passage of time, it seems that everyone's tastes are slowly inclined to iPhone 7 Plus.

" so that the fourth quarter of 2016, iPhone 7 Plus has finally become a history of the most popular big screen iPhone, whether it is Plus or iPhone compared with iPhone 6 6S Plus iPhone 7 Plus, the proportion of sales are the highest.

and iPhone SE basically, the trend is still very stable, many of my friends think that small screen iPhone actually has its own necessity, as iPhone 5S, basically it accounts for the share of sales has been very small.

some analysts also said that as more consumers choose new, more expensive iPhone 7 Plus, which brought a rise in the average price of iPhone, for apple, this is what they want to see. Analysts also mentioned jokingly now, perhaps none more nervous than apple pay close attention to iPhone sales trend.

let's go back to the original question, if you want to buy iPhone now, which one would you choose?

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