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xinzhipai· 2017-01-21 06:03:36

is by far the most powerful intelligent mobile phone is undoubtedly the apple iPhone7, which is not only from the mobile phone to run, or friends and tested products have been proved many times, but why there are still so many people sprayed iPhone7? Kathleen

think the biggest reason is a few years unchanged appearance of people did not have the freshness, this is also recognized as ash powder, so buy iPhone7 plus, but the appearance is not the most valued Kathleen, powerful performance and smooth user experience is the main reason to buy iPhone7 plus.

iPhone this year in Chinese intelligent mobile phone market share such as the former is an indisputable fact that the key products in September this year will be released iPhone8 is apple restore market share, many friends of the business is not to eat the cooked rice.

2017 Apple challenges may be greater, Kathleen today come to you under the inventory this year likely to challenge the iPhone8 intelligent mobile phone.

1, Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Note7 in 2016 if no explosion event, it will not have iPhone7 a dominant situation, ash as a powder to tell the truth, the industrial design of the intelligent mobile phone, Samsung than apple.

from the following picture contrast we can see the gap between apple and Samsung design.

Note7 exit, Samsung is the highlight of this year Galaxy S8, the president of Samsung mobile high Dongzhen words, Samsung Galaxy S8 will let the other mobile phone seems to have a generation of bad feeling. Although

is a different camp of the phone, but there is a side of Samsung and apple is like, that is, the camera has never stressed the high pixel, so this year's Galaxy S8 main camera will still be 12 million pixels.

appearance will be more radical, hyperboloid screen is positive, accounting for screen greatly improve than will, and fingerprint recognition will be true is embedded in the screen, Samsung Black & many will also use.

2, LG G6

to tell you the truth, LG in intelligent mobile phone industry is a giant, modular design was the LG G5 one another, but before long, LG G5's defect was exposed, the most important the battery is not used by the.

and LG this year G6 will abandon the modular scheme, but will not force in other ways, such as prominent dual lens, more batteries, and one of the advantages of LG OLED is their own, and only a few can and Samsung compete.

3, Samsung mobile phone screen folding

that really is not a joke, because Samsung released last year related to the screen, if the mobile phone is a smart mobile phone is definitely a blockbuster (non boom7), means that the intelligent mobile phone will enter into a new era, a large screen mobile phone will have a better experience.

" if the phone out of the content_img_p will undoubtedly be loaded into a weapon. The return of

4, NOKIA 8

NOKIA really let the fans wait too long at the beginning of this year, the Nokia 6 is just a small test chopper, even if the configuration is not how, still caused fans berserk. In fact, NOKIA

this year, the real killer is Nokia 8, 6 Nokia after the use of Xiaolong 430 processor try water, Nokia 8 Xiaolong 835 big step by the appearance will be greatly improved, will be more slim.

is likely to also be used for double screen and dual lens.

may even adopt radical hidden fingerprint recognition, which is a great challenge for the intelligent mobile phone just returned to NOKIA.

to see these friends who want to challenge the above, apple just want to say: I have the following LOGO is enough.

has 100 thousand + powder about adding new wisdom, you are!

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