The 10 children born with high IQ, but by 90% parents buried

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" if your child has these features, you must have a good training Oh ~ don't bury their talent!

1 eye color shallow children

now, do not test, only by the color of the eye can judge a person's talent and talent! Scientists in the United States have shown that people with dark eyes have a talent in some areas, and they are more likely to be able to achieve their goals and achieve a certain outcome than others. And the color of the eyes of people with light color to a higher iq.

" have dark eyes, more successful in learning and career, they are talented, can more easily capture the hearts and minds of the opposite sex. At the same time, scientists say that people with dark eyes are less satisfied with their careers and lives.

2 children playing games

children born with a good move, the game for life. Exercise can make the brain in the initial start or relax, imagination will be freed from the shackles of various thinking, become more agile, more creative.

therefore, parents should be prepared to make good equipment for children to get enough exercise; in addition, the parents should find the right partner to make a beautiful child. In this way, the child's body is easy to be strong, the state of mind is often happy, easy to enhance knowledge, ideas are easy to inspire.


if the children love to engage in practical joke and a lot of salt to your child in your bed, or some caterpillars on your pillow and so on. In the face of these pranks, you do not need to blame, which shows that your child IQ is higher. Survey shows that children love to make practical joke of creativity and imagination, after the development of greater possibility of children.

" is not a practical joke child what do not want to drop from the clouds, he needs to design a solution, and then use their brains, this degree is no less than do homework. This is no doubt good for children.

prank can also enhance the child's independence, because these actions are beyond the scope of the definition of the child's parents do, and these are the development of the child's independence.

4 breastfed babies

scientists for each social class between the female groups, did a study of positive effects of breastfeeding can continue into adulthood, and mother's socioeconomic status or education level than whether breastfeeding decided to play a more important role. The

study found that drinking milk and less than 1 months than children breastfed for at least 1 years children at the age of 30, the average IQ of more than 4 points, more than 0.9 years of education, the average monthly salary of $104 more.

the benefits of breast milk may be due to the presence of long chain unsaturated fatty acids (DHA) in breast milk, which is important for brain development.

5 parents of children with high IQs

countless facts show that wisdom and ability is not completely determined by genetic, but could not escape the relationship with genetic. According to statistics, the parents of high intelligence, the child's intelligence is often high; parents usually intelligence, children's intelligence is also generally; parents have mental deficiencies, the child may be mentally ill.

someone who has studied a group of children with an IQ of 140 or more for a long time, has found that these children have been able to maintain a good talent when they grow up. The average IQ of their children is 128 points, far more than the average child's level. For those with mental disabilities, their children have 59% mental disorders or mental retardation.

UK has proposed such an information: parents are educated in primary school children, the average IQ is 98.3; graduated from junior high school, graduated from high school, 103.3; 108.1; has a college diploma, 109.9. The "parents" parents "you must be Jackie Chan".

6" parents in the best growth period of children

a sample results showed that mothers before the age of 23 children born to Ping Junzhi's 103, 24-28 years old this time fertility is as high as 109, but too late for the children less than 105. So experts recommend 24-29 years of age for women of childbearing age the best growth period. As for men, 25 years old -35 years old when the father is excellent.

7 away blood intermarried child

genetics, the closer ties, more offspring degradation, diseases of recessive genes more easily retained; and kinship farther, more offspring may get good genes, disease and other recessive genes more easily disappear.

data show that parents are natives of the average IQ of children was 102.45, parents are in different places in the province the average IQ of 106.17, and across the province the marriage lives children's IQ is as high as 109.35. Suggesting that intermarriage can improve the IQ level of the next generation.

8 big ears

kids with big ears? It sounds a little weird. One might argue that the baby is the genetic parents, so the ear size with his parents, a bit too unscientific! In fact, the study found that children's early neurologists

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