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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-01-21 07:17:54

WeChat seems to withdraw from this red wars, but QQ can not resist the pony brother, today, QQ has been fully opened "Heaven red VR grab the red envelopes of cash, 250 million cash envelopes directly distributed, activities continued until 24, for five consecutive days, the basic principal place can receive one or two cash envelopes. AR+LBS (location) technology to grab red play, simply check the current time red areas in the QQ message to the drop-down interface can open automatically to open the camera, and then select a possession of ingot can extract in three red envelopes of cash rewards. Today, there are a lot of people to draw a red envelope to two digits, which can directly get the cash is more direct.



in Alipay Alipay million red envelopes war, Fu Ji activity 200 million, currently has about 35000000 people together, is also already not equally to 10 dollars, not to mention the random envelopes with collect the number continues to grow, to share the money is estimated to be less. Alipay set welfare activities on-line two days there are twenty million people together, immediately after the emergency cut out "probability, most missing is still dedicated Fu Fu, friendly second scarce, fortunately Alipay today has opened up the" ant forest "watering blessing and other activities, in addition to" dig sheep card "and" card "is also worth a try, not to try it together.

" Alipay "ant forest" to Mrs.

maybe Alipay watering much money, but it does not mean that QQ can win QQ red, red envelopes of cash online didn't take long to get all the users Tucao, "my home is in the countryside, riding a bike half the 30 Fen hours to grab. "The students said complain again and again.


[amount of red on the two digit

is also noteworthy, new year's Eve, Tencent also prepared a brush red, from 19:00 to 24:00, everyone in the message list page QQ brush a brush, have the opportunity to receive cash and gift card coupons.

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