Jia Yueting said that the head of the big LETV, trouble.

Price regulation Shenzhen LETV

tengxunkeji· 2017-01-21 07:18:00

Shenzhen issued 20 LETV chairman Jia Yueting's regulatory letter said, during the January 15th LETV held the exchange of investors, the controlling shareholder, actual controller, chairman Jia Yueting in answer to questions from investors on the company's share price said: "long we have the confidence to let the music become the first in the Chinese listed market value of billions of dollars of private enterprises", "one of the (price) what time 100, on the one hand our own efforts, our business will enter the outbreak period, listed companies. In addition, the stock can quickly reach 100 yuan, the hope is that all work together". Jia Yueting's comments after the media reported on the market greatly misleading, according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, LETV shares in January 19th temporary suspension, and on the same day disclosed the Clarification Announcement

Shenzhen said, Jia Yueting in the investor relations activities, published on the company's share price of speech in violation of the "GEM Listing Rules (2014 Revision)" the relevant provisions of Article 2.4, the listed company is not in strict accordance with the "GEM listed companies standardize operational guidelines (revised in 2015)" the provisions of Article 9.1 and article 9.6 of the investor relations activities.

also said that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, please LETV board of directors, Jia Yueting attached great importance to these problems, draw lessons, timely rectification, in the investor relations activities may not be relevant comments that may affect the company's stock price, prevent these problems from happening again.

at the same time, the Shenzhen remind LETV and Jia Yueting: a listed company and its directors, supervisors and senior management personnel must be in accordance with the requirements of "Shenzhen stock exchange gem stock listing rules" and "standard of listed companies of Shenzhen stock exchange gem securities operation guidelines", fulfill the obligations of investor relations management and related information disclosure, ensure serious misleading statements do not exist in the publicly disclosed information.

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Jia Yueting said that the head of the big LETV, trouble.

Jia Yueting said that the head of the big LETV, trouble.

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