Yang Yingcai just left the hospital, but because of this thing was scolded

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tanzi· 2017-01-21 08:31:10

Angelababy just finished production was discharged today, wearing a white coat wearing knee boots, hand carrying a baby basket at the Yellow Sect, a family of three appear in front of the picture is really good and happiness!

and baby, the state has been very good, is still as slender, a little like a kid who just finished! Accompanied baby yellow leader is a face of happiness! The gate of

a hospital, was in front of the crowd of reporters, in the face of numerous flash, baby remains around

" and it is said that the Yellow Sect in order to express our thanks to the door of the reporter made a big red, "

Huang Xiaoming's mother took the red side to send reporters,

" and it is said that each envelope contains 500 HK, red also printed the two unique "Ah" words, good love oh!

feel the world is witnessing their happiness! But for the number of money some netizens said is not satisfied, the netizen Michele Lee out in distributed to the press money compared to, said that Michele Lee is 1000, "img_box

" the brother go online to one hundred degrees and found that really is one thousand ah,

" at the time of the red envelope is like this, inside a one thousand Hong Kong dollars, "

" but for this comparison, brother to say, Michele Lee is married to wealthy people good what, and no matter how much money to be fun! Now how to abandon money to the people less? Besides the Yellow Sect and Angelababy every year of their own efforts to earn money often do charity, why would anyone abandon! What the hell is going on in the world?! Can not understand!

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