Liu Ye was too small a dozen family sun shine out of Tourism

Micro-blog travel Liu Ye the whole family

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-21 08:31:34

" the eve of the lunar new year, Liu Ye in micro-blog drying their "baby" and "family travel out a dozen people, who eat out steel Beng who is the king or queen, my mother to eat up happy,"

" that the Liu Ye family to eat dumplings to celebrate the new year, the traditional Chinese steel Beng who eat the new year will bring good luck, ye mother to eat, Liu Ye to discuss the elves ghost mother heart also specially made a crown, sitting in the middle of the grandchildren will be happy and lucky things!

Liu Nuoyi is a French hybrid, the mother of the French liberation freedom newspaper reporter in Beijing, Anna Ilse. 2012 New Year's Eve his sister Liu Nina was born. This is one of the high Zhichao Yan brother and sister, sister called and half blood beauty, beloved.

Liu Ye once wrote an article: "I get my son photos in micro-blog, some people say that I take the son of speculation. But I don't care, because my son is really pretty. After her daughter was born, at home, I stood with her daughter, until she fell asleep on my shoulder, my son can stand more than and 10 minutes, feel very heroic. Waiting for her to sleep on the bed. Boy, I can only frighten him, deliberately lowered his voice: "a Nobel, now sleep … …" I think the son and daughter really is not the same, I hugged his son, he will not put your head on my shoulder, I picked up his daughter, she always laid his head on my shoulder on.

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