Unexpected relatives of stars

Yang Mi Tsinghua University Professor relative

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-21 08:32:31

the entertainment the relationship Nothing is too strange., a star, called a surprise.

, who once had a professor at Tsinghua University, said in class, "I have a niece who is very poor at math, and later became an actress," and was later picked up by her niece, Yang Mi. More surprisingly, Yang Mi's uncle was good to burst.

and Faye Wong days, life can also be used to describe the prominent, her grandfather, to the legislator, the success of Faye Wong obviously and the family has a certain relationship.

first look, there is the relationship between Chang Chen and Yu Dan can actually? But it is not surprising, but Yu Dan has a cousin named Zhao Xinran, is the mother of Chang Chen.

say, Yu Dan is actually Chang Chen's aunt!

" and the Spring Festival Gala regulars Feng Gong, who often said "Feng Gong that I want to die you", a family changed the history of the people. His grandfather is the famous Feng Guozhang of the northern warlords!

and Feng Gong once in "inside" Beginning of The Great Revival played warlord Feng Guozhang. Do you feel like it?

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