True love! Kun Ling a beard became Jay Chou

Jay Chou Kun Ling true love beard

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-21 08:32:35

1" Sept. 21, according to the "news" reported that Jay Chou in January 18th at the age of 38, to invite many friends birthday together, playing at the party funny change, in addition to the boys playing women's wear, girls also wear a red hat T as Jay Chou. Among them, and to imitate Kunling most thoroughly, not only painted a false beard, also tropia lens on the only laugh, high similarity, so users surprised shouted "good wife" and "play the most like".

Jay Chou at the party called on friends dressed, male friends really spared no effort, Vincent Fang a "frozen" Princess Elsa, still holding 1 Will Liu wearing pink wig Xuebao; a spice is wearing a seaman; wheat when serving students younger sister, also suspected in the chest stuffed things, prepare super perfect. Jay Chou smiled and said: "thank you J girl, I can only say that Geng macro is really suitable for wheat you dress. As for Wenshan … … I can only say … … you are very careful.

in addition to the boys dressed, the presence of girls in imitation of Jay Chou "fantasy" period style, wearing the red hat T and black hat, is also one in the mouth painted on the beard, very fit. Especially Kunling, when taking photos also deliberately look askance at the camera, a hook mouth slightly, clever imitation of Jay Chou when Draco Draco look super vivid, but also make friends laugh.

can see this is playing Jay Chou?

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