Fan Ye father and Li Chen are two brothers when young

Fan Bingbing Li Chen father two brothers

tanzi· 2017-01-21 08:32:57

Fan Bingbing yesterday sent a photo of her and her father teamed up on the stage, the results are stunned friends! Look at the

Fan Bingbing side suit looks young man Fan Bingbing is actually her father!

I stay! He thought he was dazzled! And it is said that her father is 61 years old, but in his face can not see the traces of the years, really good young!

" in fact, Fan Bingbing had earlier sent a family portrait photo, but photos exfoliating too serious, many people don't pay attention to her dad, her uncle or cousin all thought is what it is, now looking back only to find her dad was so young, and wearing clothes is quite wet, not at 60!

users reflect so much, then Fan Bingbing also own in micro-blog and specially made a photo, the photo of Fan Bingbing and Li Chen and her father, friends said three people looked exactly like their peers.

and there are friends that Fan Bingbing, her father and Li Chenchang as if!

" so, brother also find Fan Bingbing her dad when young photos, a contrast, found that facial features and Li Chen really like ah.

is not a family does not enter a house!

and Fan Bingbing, her dad is really getting younger and younger.

for several years is a look, did not change!

so, ugly can't blame yourself!

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