What situation? Zhang Ziyi has publicly said wake up like Anji

Net friend Zhang Ziyi Anji situation

tanzi· 2017-01-21 08:33:04

Sha Yi is not with his son in Anji to attend the "daddy go", on the side of sowing, the heat of the Anji side up &hellip

; before long, this age is only 6 years old, but the special man northeast child success circle big one mother powder ah, and now Sha Yi is out the passers-by are caught, a bunch of people around Anji, Sha Yi was put aside is funny haha.

" may be because Anji is really too much fire, causing the topic on micro-blog or micro-blog, so when the night, or to Anji also was awarded a prize, Sha Yi is to replace the Anji collar. After the end, Sha Yi was very happy to send a micro-blog.

can see that his son, Sha Yi still feel very proud of.

" but it is their own micro-blog son award said very proud, also took the opportunity to express my love for Anji, Zhang Ziyi unexpectedly ran to comment, estimate even Sha Yi was scared? As Zhang Ziyi said is: wake up and Anji looks like … see people don't know what to say, thanks to Sha Yi very witty huiliaoyiju: nice people are long like

" but for comparison, and wake up a child in Anji, really looks somewhat similar to the

", but even so, Zhang Ziyi when there were so many netizens say these words on the Internet, or not too good, Netizens feel that Ill have to laugh.

" but fortunately Sha Yi high EQ can talk, know how to smooth things over, is to Zhang Ziyi's relief, so users said Zhang Ziyi boring can not speak, hand also boast Sha Yi.

know Zhang Ziyi to his baby daughter so much, even some people say, want to please Zhang Ziyi, as long as his wake up, it can certainly make her happy.

" this is equivalent to Zhang Ziyi put his whole heart into the wake up body, so to see Sha Yi's children, will immediately think of their children, so that even talk to weigh.

can only say, although the child is genuine and sincere, but sometimes you should control yourself, thanks to the encounter is Sha Yi, if you know Guo Degang &hellip.

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