Actress red carpet which is stronger? When the low cut and see-through dress!

Clairvoyant outfit actress exposed Vivian Hsu

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-21 08:33:11

in the entertainment circle many female stars will flourish to attract the attention of the public and the media, which is a very important part of dress, sexy bold dress tend to attract people's attention and discussion, on the activities of the scene or the red carpet actress show their best opportunity, all kinds of outlandish costume, which all cannot do without the word sexy actress in the red carpet, slit skirt, low cut is one of the most common, and most can attract the attention of the actress on the red carpet war also make us sigh: it is to win the eye without the bottom line.

Liu Yan Liu Yan played whenever there is a publicity campaign, the media will always take shots of the anchor to the sexy, she is not only beautiful in sexy, and beauty in temperament.

Gong Xinliang in the fifteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Awards ceremony with Gong Xinliang white dress appeared, not wearing underwear show her beauty. However, at the same time exposed sexy, but also inadvertently exposed.

Vivian Hsu forty-eighth Taiwan golden horse award ceremony, Vivian Hsu is also a slit to the thigh, a big show of beauty breast!

Xiulan Lu thirty-fifth Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony, South Korean actress Lu Xiulan wearing a black dress, tulle side open, very bold.

Lin Chiling in the forty-ninth Taiwan Film Awards Red Carpet, Lin Chiling both before and after the empty, bold show haoru.

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