Classic indelible, the survival status of the Korean "originator"

The Republic of Korea the originator of the status quo time

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-21 08:33:18

Rich handsome HANKOOK tin

Won Bin played in "Autumn in My Heart" in his popular China. After the army, the army because of bodily injury, making his comeback and retired, retirement and return, career ups and downs.

in recent years no good works available. In 2015, he held a low-key wedding with the South Korean advertising queen Lee Na Young.

Song Hye Kyo for historical reasons refused to accept the endorsement of the high price of Japanese cars in. Emotional, she met with Li Bingxian, Hyun Bin, Rain star scandal is still single.

" An Zaixu suffering from depression, he even said "maybe sad I will die alone". In 2015, he and his younger than 11 year old actor Cui Xianzhu in Seoul wedding.

" Bae Yong Jun fought behind the scenes, founded the entertainment company, and explore and popular Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Su Hyon and other popular men of God, now transformed into a personal price of more than 1 billion of the nouveau riche.

" and many Korean entertainment actress Gianna Jun way compared to rough road, very smooth, her husband serving senior American bank financial services, personal net worth of over 40 billion won.

" with "Stairway to heaven" and other popular TV drama Chinese "tears" Prince Kwon Sang Woo, in real life is an investment master for 09 years, he established his own company.

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