Trump took office the first fire: halt Obama health care reform


huanqiuwang· 2017-01-21 09:55:10

" [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong] the forty-fifth president of the United States Trump local 20 sworn in, thus officially entered the Trump era". CNN reported that in January 20th, Trump worked for 24 hours without notes, issued the first executive order to halt "Obama system" (Obamacare) plan to practice its commitment during the campaign.

Trump for the first time in the Oval Office of the White House, and in the presence of a large number of reporters witnessed the signing of the first executive order, requiring the federal government to reduce the burden of medical insurance Obama". Hongkong East Network 21 reported that Trump did not respond to questions, or disclose details. White House press secretary Spicer responded to reporters, executive order is to repeal and replace part of the health care of Obama. The White House chief of staff

Puri Perth also to all government departments issued a memorandum, "Obama said to freeze Medicare until further notice". Puri Perth said, "Obama is executive order to minimize the economic burden of medical insurance, to abolish it".

Trump said repeatedly during the campaign, will repeal the Obama health care in the first place, the first day of the White House will overthrow it. Congress is also discussing alternative health care plans.

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