Right in the heart of! D9R MENG record

Bulldozer heart head transparent paint

moxingdao· 2017-01-21 09:57:38

" from the first sight of D9R, I would like this behemoth. It is the side of the square corner of the shape, not only shows the delicate mechanical beauty, but also full of a sense of strength. The height of a giant steel shovel invincible, large heavy crawler is a huge driving wheel high up, exudes a crush all the murderous.

this majestic-looking bulldozer, the prototype was born in 1954, is the United States Caterpillar Inc works. After years of gradual evolution, by 1996, D9 series bulldozers have evolved to D9R. A variety of D9 bulldozer are served in the Israel Defense Forces, responsible for road maintenance and construction of fortifications, remove obstacles and other tasks. Equipped with armored module D9R can even directly involved in the fighting. In 2003, the U.S. military also purchased a number of D9R armored bulldozers from Israel for military operations in iraq.

as a model enthusiast, if you want to do a D9R, not a lot of choice. The armor model field, bulldozer is a popular theme, the D9R bulldozer, so far only MENG produced 2 suite, respectively is SS002 and armored grille grille armor SS010. After that, I chose the SS002 because I didn't like the way the D9R was mounted on the grille armor - even though I knew it was a good way to prevent RPG attacks.

MENG's D9R suite can be chosen to make the Israeli Defense Forces and the U.S. Marine Corps type. Taking into account the Israeli painting D9R in each model forum has a lot of work, this time I choose to do the type of few people interested in.


leadership often said: do not tell me those useless details, I only look at the results!

suite provides two stubby antennas, can be installed at the rear of the antenna bracket. However, I found the U.S. version of the D9R real car photos, it seems that the antenna is not installed, so I did not stick the antenna.

of the cab doors can be opened. Unfortunately the hinge design is not strong enough, a little inattentive door will fall off.

" American version of the top of the D9R are not equipped with weapons, the Israeli Defence Forces D9R on the roof with a very M2HB. It seems that the U.S. military is more inclined to use the D9R as a traditional engineering vehicle, unlike Israel, which is directly used for urban public security.

" in order to facilitate the display of the cab roof is not stuck, open the roof, the cockpit you.

" huge dozer and car can be activities, all the wheels can also be transferred, of course as a static model, expect it to be "pushed" or not too realistic.

car hydraulic rod has replaced metal parts, plastic parts to improve a lot of texture than.

MENG" provides transparent part two colors, which are colorless and light blue, I chose light blue glass window.

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Right in the heart of! D9R MENG record

Right in the heart of! D9R MENG record