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Production Lockheed armored vehicles offbeat

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Lockheed Company XM808 type armored reconnaissance vehicle, composed of around two body, equipped with four pairs of very large wheels, have very strong off-road capability and maneuverability. From this point of view, the shape of the XM808 armored reconnaissance vehicle is very science fiction.

XM808 type armoured reconnaissance vehicle is from the beginning of 1965 about development, development mechanism of Lockheed Company. Through the project, Lockheed aims to develop a kind of flexibility, long life, good off-road performance of armored vehicles.

diagram for XM808 type armored reconnaissance vehicle side features =''>

M139 cannon side details. This cannon firing rate can reach 1000 / min, the muzzle velocity of 1100 M / s, the effective range of about 2 km. It is developed on the basis of the HS.820 type gun, the United States has a variety of vehicles equipped with this gun.

" this type of car is a series, a number of sub type, XM808 type of armored vehicle is a sub type which belongs to. The two bodies of the XM808 armored vehicle are equipped with 1 water-cooled Chrysler V8 engines, with strong power.

figure for the rear of the XM808 armored car features. The wheel of the car was very tall, and the antiskid design, so it has good driving performance and field crossing ditch. This type of car is equipped with a total of 3 reconnaissance crew, pilots, drivers and Gunners respectively.

from this point of view, the XM808 type armored car seems to be a whole car. But in fact, it uses articulated form, there are two cars, the front car can be adjusted up to 35 degrees, down to adjust the degree of 27, to the left (right) can be adjusted to 31.5 degrees.

XM808 type front front feature of armored vehicle =''>

" of the type of vehicle length of 5.65 meters, 2.63 meters wide, 2.36 meters high, weight 9.72 tons, fuel tank capacity of 315 liters, a maximum speed of 95 km / hour. Under full load, it can be accelerated from standstill to 80 km / h in a time of 17 seconds.

diagram for the XM808 armored car cockpit close-up, the car has a good view. Only the fire suppressing infantry armored reconnaissance vehicle, against other armored vehicles can not, but the door is crispy, the armor is Aluminum Alloy, only 6 mm thick.

this strange armored reconnaissance vehicle produced a total of only one, and did not put into mass production. It has been developed for more than 50 years. Currently stored in the open air, as an exhibit for people to visit.

XM808 armored reconnaissance vehicle failed to put into mass production, the main reason is still too alternative. Lockheed Company's predecessor can be traced back to 1912, its main business is the aircraft, and there are many star products. Later, the company merged with another company for the Lockheed · Martin company, the main business is the plane.

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