To which people kicked Zhang Jingxuan "singer"?

Lineup singer Gigi Leung Zhang Jie

juziyule· 2017-01-21 11:01:03

"singer" began to spread a variety of news earlier, there are always some changes on the list, and now the final lineup finally unveiled! Come and have a look at it ~~

Sandy Lam

, I really can not believe that she is 50 years old, looked at it on the more than and 30!

Tan Jing

Meng, handsome, beautiful, feeling that she can control all kinds of styles in.


the slightly worse, known as the Hongkong hall level figures, Sandy Lam, Sammi Cheng, Gigi Leung... Etc., these were her students!

and the absolute Dima yen value play! Strength is great, fans do not miss it!

Yuan Yawei

has participated in the "The Voice of China" she drops, this will bring what kind of performance?

Michael Wong

listened to him so much love song, not what can be more amazing breakthrough in this stage.

" led by Jam Hsiao Lion

the lion chorus Rain God is not a person, is a combination of friends, look forward to will wipe out what kind of spark "img_box ~~

this the format of the season last season relatively great changes have taken place, double compensation system, challenge the singer and the war against the singer with the supplement, Chi sounds more exciting!

at the same time the first round of two players have also been identified!

challenge singer Zhao Lei

folk singer is also much loved by many people!

war against the singer Zhang Jie

came second "singer" stage, so my brother, look forward to your performance and growth!

the last sentence

who do you most look forward to?!

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