Considerate! After the wedding Rain to accompany his wife back home


wangyiyule· 2017-01-21 11:01:11

entertainment NetEase in January 21 reported according to Hongkong media reports, South Korea king Rain recently and love nearly 5 years of married actress Quinteshi, although low-key wedding but still become the focus. They were in Seoul yesterday after the church held after the wedding dinner guests, then held a small Party, in addition to the men's team God Pu Junheng open with a couple of the photo, Queen's make-up Kim taehee and two friends are blessed in the Instagram upload their photos. And last night, two guests in a restaurant, because they have no shadow wedding, so the table card with their cartoon instead, it is reported that Li Bingxian had a couple in the restaurant for his son to do the birthday banquet. After the completion of all

ceremony, Rain was immediately with Kim taehee back home, won praise users considerate, and no other two people also buy new houses, Kim taehee will move into Rain is now living in residential, and live together with Rain's father and sister, for she is rare in recent years, netizens praised "new daughter-in-law". Two people had no plans for a honeymoon, they decided to improvise honeymoon locations, and in 5 days after starting to Bali Island honeymoon.

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