And Zhou Libo was arrested Tang Shuang who? .


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this afternoon, the sky a loud noise, Zhou Libo drug became a national hot words. Zhou Libo was the police found the gun and cocaine was arrested in Long Island. Reported that Zhou Libo was driving at night hunting, Long Island police intercept search. Zhou Libo also helped him by exposure of the skin grinding … …

" from the police car and found cocaine and guns, arrested Zhou Libo and another man. Two people were charged with illegal possession of drugs, illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of firearms charges, while Zhou Libo was also controlled to drive the use of mobile phones. New York police department to Tencent entertainment exclusive confirmation Zhou Libo arrested tomorrow (local time on January 20th) hearing.

" in 2012 Zhou Libo also expressed drug disgust, he also suggested: the capture of selling poison food every 1000 yuan of sales income is jailed for a year, more than 20 thousand - free period! More than 50 thousand - shot! More than 60 thousand - shot! Save! Another shot! More than 70 thousand will be regarded as a diplomatic event!

" in fact, this is already the usual routine drug addicts, Ke Zhendong was still anti drug ambassador, said the anti drug "img_box"

Ke Zhendong poison friends Jaycee Chan, two generation son star set. Good friends of Zhou Libo's first poison is not small, Tang Shuang, 31 years old this year, Sichuan Chengdu, Fudan University, MIT student, super Curve Wrecker set ↓

[Tang Shuang has been excellent in character and learning at MIT, also from Chen Ning Yang Shimei, master Fermi, founder of Fermi, carbon nanotubes, graphene nano thermal electrical, Raman spectroscopy and many other fields, pioneer.

2009 years at MIT, Tang Shuang has a new title -- "Renaissance forum" foreign executive, transfer of Chinese culture in foreign countries, to "promote the the Chinese culture, learn the essence of the world" and other slogans in foreign countries began to be known. When the 23 year old Tang Shuang, the "people's Daily" reporter said: "do revival forum in foreign countries, one can absorb foreign advanced scientific and technological achievements, on the other hand can also be introduced to foreign Chinese, showing China. "

2012, Tang Shuang for" Tang Shuang Cui - Joseph Moorhouse "theory model and on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology website homepage, attracted international attention. The theory named after him is not easy to learn. Talk about "Tang Shuang Tang Shuang Cui - &darr theory model of Joseph Moorhouse" in the Asian cultural center in Boston;

asked Tang Shuang graduation plans, he said: "I was one of the national complex. I like Chinese traditional culture, if I want to compare it with science, I prefer Chinese traditional culture. I have confidence in Chinese, Chinese smart and diligent. "

Tang Shuangcheng student at MIT in seven, Chengdu is also proud of his alma mater, in middle school's website also drying out the Tang cool news.

Tang Shuang sound on Guo Degang's private phase of special interest in thousands of miles away also did not forget to support

" in 2012, Tang Shuang and Zhou Libo had already known

" at the North Guo Degang, South Zhou Libo. It is true that Tang Shuang two "hand piece".

Tang Shuang although Curve Wrecker men, but the character of Zhou Libo and still have some similarities, such as the fate of the piece

Zhou Libo's romantic history has long been a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Tang cool are surrounded by Cosplay sister paper, really when they are "gods" in Zhou?

Tang Shuang also said that a lot of friends in the know him, his wife were pregnant.

Tang Shuang seems to be very satisfied with their reproductive ability
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