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Beauty four famous works beautiful China

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who do you think is the most beautiful Chinese woman?

some people say, it's He Qing.

" is a long time, but still as beautiful as it is, is not consistent with the laws of nature.

, especially when she was young, she is the beauty of many people's minds.

features are not put aside, only the soft state that every twinkle and smile is two words: extreme.

is featured in the 80s and 90s film magazine cover one of the most beautiful times, with He Qing's calendar once a year in the country reached 600 thousand circulation.

so on the famous, she must be a.

water under the Su Yan, this should be the most beautiful girl look.

versatile since childhood, was only 13 years old, He Qing was enrolled in the Beijing School of drama and the Zhejiang Kunqu Opera troupe.

with such a background, plus her eyebrows are lovingly appearance, in short, an unforgettable.

" so even the special makeup and hair also never mind, as long as the person is He Qing.

" is the most worth mentioning is that a record

can play all four Movie Masterpiece of beauty, so far, only one of her.

you "journey to the west" with

<" /p>


"the Water Margin" Li Shishi

the "Three Kingdoms" Joe

"a dream of Red Mansions" with qinkeqing

especially Li Shishi in the cloak of that scene, was to foul.

" Jiangnan woman most want this disease such as West effect, as long as the lipstick is.

expression, ah, what the expression, there is no need to deliberately deduce.

" that looks natural and ultimately an

in the "Yao grass by the river", He Qing plays the protagonist more than even the Hua Yu Lin Qingqing lovable.

" is the most admirable, even has the age of 34, still can play a young princess.

so beautiful woman, probably did not get angry? In the words of a friend: you are the double

is slightly melancholy eyes to lie to.

shortly after her debut, He Qing said she had a bad temper. Because

not used to listen to people say dirty water, even because altercation contradictions, foot then kicked the doctor's toolbox.

He Qing: when I was young, I seldom thought about the feelings of others. But I am like this, especially can not stand others do not respect themselves.

so don't underestimate the power of He Qing =''>

even on the age, she will exercise their skills.

"because I will not quarrel, so once angry will directly begin. "

as a matter of fact, so rigid and soft He Qing, I feel more attractive.

remembers when He Qing's father died, she was still making the first show.

until the day when the body farewell, she also did not drop a tear, the left hand holding his mother, his right hand holding his sister: I come, you rest assured.

from that time, she finally understand, what is the family responsibility.

" unfortunately, a few years later, He Qing's mother also suffered from cerebral hemorrhage.

even when mom has such as vegetables generally do not have consciousness, but she still did not give up.

from his hometown to Beijing, which is more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers away, she went through the hard.

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