Rain and Kim taehee wedding only spent thousands of dollars?

Kim wedding luxury large

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picture from South Korea news agency

Rain and Kim taehee ad

1 17, Rain to hand write the way open with Kim taehee marriage hearing, this is just over two days, he would hold Kim taehee hand wedding together after finishing! With many marriage will put a big show star compared to Rain and Kim taehee wedding simple words, no big guests do not have the luxury of life, everything simple warmth and good, to make the decision after it is Rain in considering the economic situation under the unstable situation outdated and difficult.

Kim taehee and Rain

Rain and Kim taehee wedding chapel is Catholic, Catholic wedding is the natural form, place the election in Seoul will be a hole Scarlett church, the Church of the mass wedding had only set every Friday, and the six day, but this time specially to Rain and Kim taehee opened the back door".


and Kim taehee wedding although Rain earlier said the wedding is not open to the public, but the Korean media or in the early morning in the city after several scattered outside the Church of G.O.D

Rain and Kim taehee wedding guests combination member Pu Junheng

to determine the place after rushed to the scene, but only to take before going to the wedding guests, one is love beans brother Pu Junheng G.O.D:

Rain and Kim taehee wedding guests

there is an JYP leader Park Jin Young

more exciting content, click to enter the > > > Rain, married to Kim taehee! The love 5 years + star CP, match index is not too high!

Kim taehee and Rain

but the wedding wedding scene graph or flow out, the scene set is relatively simple in white tone

Rain wedding, wearing white gloves a fitted three piece suit, erect laughs very happy, her "Princess" Kim taehee although there is no traditional hikiji marriage yarn, but wore a white lace dress skirt to petite stature does not seem too grand, but very sweet and playful. It is said that

is the skirt she personally designed, although no fancy jewelry decorated style headdress is also very plain, but it just highlights the clear temperament and high value of Yan, graceful and touching. Two people smile in the picture, feeling that the whole world will soon be the sweet atmosphere of cure!

Rain and Kim taehee wedding photo with Pu Junheng

ceremony after the wedding, Rain changed the suit, and Kim taehee is put down in the long hair in a satin dress photo as small, very elegant

Rain" and Kim taehee wedding and they fell in love with the public for the first time frame, to two people for the wind back should be low-key reasoning, it is hard to see fit they openly show affection, everyone hurriedly map, let me see and cherish!

Kim taehee wedding open handwritten letter

official release wedding HD map at the same time, also attached a letter from Kim taehee

probably means: "although the wedding held very suddenly, but thanks to the blessing of all, today is the first step two of us in a long journey, we also want to take this first step has been in love with our fans blessing, we will love each other, each other to compensate for deficiency in hard life. "

Rain handwritten letter

poster weave can think this is Kim taehee to two days before the wedding Rain handwritten letter of love" echo "?


Kim Tae Hee and the wedding scene according to Korean media statistics, Rain and Kim taehee the wedding took only about 1 million 300 thousand won, is about 7500 of the Chinese currency that, compared to the hundreds of millions of Chinese stars that fairy tale wedding, is not cheap what?

but many South Korean special class star wedding is like this, because compared to the "star couple show loving" bundled hype blog popularity, they want their privacy protection, so that the public will focus on their performances or music etc. their field performance, so the marriage has always been relatively low-key the wedding, generally using private, wedding cost little by sponsorship, are basically out of pocket

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