Liyan Tong is strong, and Ma Li is more powerful

Liyan Tong love Ma Li northeast wind

yugaweishequ· 2017-01-21 11:03:39

news this two days too much, even it is: Chen Sicheng derailed, Ma Li has a boyfriend 90.

yesterday pushed the Yaya incident, everyone is filled with righteous indignation sympathy Yaya, spit slag male. However, these two things are actually the collision of the two different women's values. One is derailed after the silence of the strong, one is from the beginning of the feelings of the control field.

" is not the first time Chen Sicheng came off the rails, the last to get him and actress Eve, he denied, Liyan Tong said: "he will also maintain report" means Zhagang frequently, mark the scarlet letter "cut the hand of a vicious, with the" real man "Tong personality, she is a strong human face.

look at the past few days burst out of Ma Li, in love is another kind of woman.

first "All Star" to take the contents of Ma Li and a young man walking on the street, he wanted to head leaning on the shoulders of Ma Li, Ma Li is afraid of being seen, he pushed the blame.

Ma Li is the northeast, do not know where the boy is, but his style of dress is also more than the northeast wind of Ma Li, the coat is put on the body. Like a person will unconsciously imitate her, from accent to small habits.

got into the garage. From the above chart may not see Ma Li in the field of emotion control, but read the following will know. Her boyfriend is Xu Wenhe, after 90. The same as the happy twist actor, and she acted together "Wulongshan Earl".

" he very little information, micro-blog delete only a micro-blog, but the album only a few photos, several pieces are performed and photo Ma Li. Ma Li's micro-blog can not see the clue, she made the basic work, there is no photo album in the public photo.

although Ma Li never show affection, but also can find her boyfriend in Wujiang also twist members, at least four years younger than her, her sister + peer model is very firm, love is not the kind of wealthy old man actress.

the year before last year in the "Venus show", in the Venus asked, Ma Li talked about their feelings. Her mate is the most simple, happy together on the line, regardless of age regardless of appearance regardless of the economy". Venus is very surprised: this year there is such a woman.

chasing her is not as famous as she is, from worship to love.

Venus asked her: is it sure that love isn't about her aura? Ma Li replied: of course she is feeling to accept the feelings of love. I said I'm independent, confession, do not need to rely on what men, but will care about the feeling of love, rather than external conditions.

women are usually taught what to do at any age. For example: 30 years ago married children, married to find a big you five year old spouse's safety, must have good results, love wife must worship her husband, husband and wife must be more money than spend money for her … … this is the so-called safety standards of marriage.

look at Liyan Tong's marriage: 28 year old wedding, soon gave birth to a child. Chen Sicheng is five years old. She adores chen. Chen Sicheng said to do a showbiz's most luxurious wedding, did they go to Tahiti, charter, not to any sponsorship, Chen Sicheng was all at their own expense. Liyan Tong can play "Beijing love story", "tiger", is Chen Sicheng to help her fight for resources.

results? We also see: adherence to the safety standards of marriage are not safe, the love based on another person's cautiousness, itself is a dangerous thing.

Ma Li's love rule is completely counter to the parents of the most worried about that kind of.

34 years old is still in love, temporarily did not intend to get married and have children. At least eight years younger than her boyfriend, her boyfriend is two generations, to worship her, certainly not her money, she never spend the money men, her family didn't Liyan Tong look so complete.

but she has a complete view of the world and is very strong.

" is Ma Li in the drama school, graduated into a fun twist, the comedy it barely Ningba.

most of the audience know that she is from 2010 and He Jiong cooperation "super happiness insoles" that sketch. And He Jiong is to see the drama through the understanding of Ma Li, her fans, the same

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Liyan Tong is strong, and Ma Li is more powerful