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juziyule· 2017-01-21 11:03:49

ah! Trump today officially took office in Washington, has just held the inaugural ceremony... More than six hours of this means that from today, Trump will stay at the White House...

, this also means that, from now on, the White House Hin may become so ↓ "img_box"

last year in the United States election night, the streets of New York as the NYSE trading much off, that night there was a variety of" anti Trump office "parade.

" from Google's statistical data can be seen, many Americans do not acknowledge this, so they began to impatient, someone ready to emigrate, someone ready to fight, the people of California even said to be independent!

as the British referendum from Europe, although we regret but also too late, but the Trump was panic and anxiety or in the United States triggered a large area of the Not My President Parade (not my president)!

" and Trump in Hollywood wind assessment is bad, because he had openly anti abortion, anti gay rights, and has a strong racial and gender discrimination, the Hollywood star for his attitude is mostly

such as roll... Some time ago, Aunt Mei at the Golden Globes on speech, talked about Trump when discrimination of people with disabilities, the audience burst into applause, visible Trump in Hollywood position... Really...

this also leads to.... the inaugural ball, almost can not find the guest performers. The scene of the protesters... Is very much. "It's going to rain this collocation on Trump to his" style "img_box" class=....

previously exposed several groups of performers, orange Jun thought there will be a surprise, the results of more than 6 hours at our first look at.

... Which are three groups of guests:

Jackie Evancho:

the task of singing the national anthem national anthem to the 16 year old Jackie Evancho, she was 6 years ago in "the United States Master show" runner up. Invite a minor child star for their national anthem, adults can avoid political disputes dispute, and show their love... It seems Trump team in determining the candidate when also spent a lot of thought!

Mormon Tabernacle Choir (the Mormon Tabernacle Choir): choral hymns

Utah Mormon Choir playing the anthem, is the president of the United States Post repertoire ceremony, Nixon also heard crying! But

can Trump performances, the choir is not very happy, has been in the League for 5 years Jan Chamberlin because I don't want to participate in the group, said publicly: "I only know that I will never give in to Hitler throwing roses, I certainly would never sing for him. "

New York Radio City Dance" rocket girl "(Rockettes

) the same, before one thing... This dance can be performed is not very easy to play, dance dancer Lang tweeted:" other stars why can't we can resist? How bad are we? We also have self-esteem. With a heavy heart and tears we'll play.

dance boss also personally begged actor, we have to 'intolerance' tolerance".

below is the dance girl Phoebe Pearl on the ins, the text says, is not our president! "

reluctant attended performances as well as cool music group

72 year old singer Tony · Orlando

, the 81 year old Sam ·

Moore? How is it that you don't have to show up, or are you old and young? Because the young people have refused to ah ↓

British singer Rigi (Rebecca Fergurson) said, "agreed" to perform ah, but must sing a song "Strange Fruit". Orange King everyone science, the content of this song is against the southern white racists against black lynching persecution songs. We think Donald Trump will agree? In an interview with the BBC before the

", Trump team to prove Trump not homophobia, stressed that Britain's "gay" star Elton · John (Elton John) agreed to come on stage. I did not expect this interview is not over yet, Elton has been on twitter simple and rude to say no. Have to respect the failure!

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is even worse, the entertainment front line female star, similar to fruit, =''>

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