The female star postpartum discharge ye are nothing like the same person?

Postpartum nothing female star hospital

nandouyulezhoukan· 2017-01-21 11:04:06

Huang Xiaoming and angelababy love crystallization small sponge in January 17th, the smooth arrival of the entertainment industry is definitely a major event these days.

has friends said, feeling baby not pregnant how long, how so quickly born!

makes people feel Baby eat melons from pregnancy to baby "in the moment" is a reason, like the leader last October was officially Baby the news of pregnancy, and that Baby has been pregnant for several months.

" is also baby while pregnant, but has not left the public eye, and color value still like a girl.

pregnancy a variety of sweet self, only face, do not shoot the whole body.

portrait fancy cover belly.

Baby "ball" appearance during pregnancy also frequently participate in activities.

baby" did not see how fat, but Huang Xiaoming looked at the fat ring three.

" the truth is … …

baby" is not only the students quickly discharged more rapidly!

19 afternoon, new parents Huang Xiaoming baby couple with son hospital, and both parents accompany.

Baby postpartum discharge status is super good, body is still thin, wearing a dress collocation, thigh boots, half bare white legs, face always with a sweet smile, with Huang Xiaoming couple wearing sunglasses, very cool.

" to see this little face proud leader.

it is hard to believe that she had only 3 days to give birth to a child!

" you ask where the child, brother Xiaoming carrying this basket is a baby.

a lot of friends joked: the star like a child to go to the supermarket shelves to get the same goods.

" indeed, many female stars during pregnancy what things do not delay, discharge is more rushed.

Yang Mi

2014 June 1st, the baby of's "little glutinous rice" was born in Hongkong on. 4 days later, Hawick Lau wife Yang Mi was released from the hospital, so many media to contain.

" two people both wearing sunglasses, Hawick Lau hand baby basket, filled with a happy smile, Yang Mi looks rosy, revealing two large white legs, body recover rapidly, full of freaky momentum.

Yang Mi gave birth to a baby daughter, father mother rushed to the hospital to visit, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Hawick Lau's father Liu Dan to conceal his excitement, he said his son personally cut the granddaughter of umbilical cord, hands still trembling, and Yang Mi saw her granddaughter Liu Dan even moved to tears, said round eyes bright, very lovable.

small glutinous rice is also put in the basket to put out.

" Yang Mi wanted to birth, but because of fear of pain, so finally decided to laparotomy.

" during pregnancy, the large power power of the filming of the movie, attended the event to attend the activities.

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