Jing Lin update, why won director grace?

Lin update Teddy thigh director

shenbashenyebagua· 2017-01-21 11:05:02

today to see a small main post, a horizontal slot with Tsui Hark Yeh originally so love Lin update!

saw Lin Zong moved to tears.... When did your dog become so magical?.....

" director Xu Keda think Lin is a renewal is always a man of regular

" to shoot the new film, the first reaction is to find his monk

" by Xu you are not kidding.... This face?? Is a very correct person???

" Yeh more to face child fitting after the discussion directly finalized dog is Sun Wukong!!

" in a live broadcast on Sina, a talking dog Lin Xu guide looked at him a talk at his

" are full of warm Aiyiang ang!!!!!

" to the dog first break point "fame" played a startling step by step, only high version

" did not expect the next two years did not start playing tall the movie ah, a lot of cooperation with the big, Zhang Yimou ↓ &darr

Andy Lau

" Tony Leung ~~~

<" /p>Baby ~ ~ ~ Mark

Na Lin, why can the big dog had director grace??? First guess, want to hold the director's heart, you must master the director's stomach, our dog is a chef, I tell you!!

" do not Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs airlines also sadly a forced

" can also teach Tsui Hark dumplings!!! I want too!!! [oh everybody happy today (Bhate)

" again... How does Tsui Hark feel that the dog is always right?... You see how he himself began to follow the director's words

feel quite quiet?? And then very sedate???

" that you come to tell me the fine points of huskies who see

" nothing would love to toss their yen value

"see words such as the surface" read a letter, it is also special to cute!! Don't think we don't cut to figure mouth hang!

others is as handsome idol in the sun, he is a huge husky

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idol burden was eaten by your friends?????? =''>

variety when guess lipstick price, discovered a new continent as well, so the dog: a lipstick was two hundred or three hundred? Buy whatever!

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