Zhou Libo told you, pretend to be the real ray

Zhou Libo a son little drama toast

shangwufan· 2017-01-21 11:06:05

Fan said: a clown, sooner or later.

(business fan produced, reproduced please specify)

this afternoon, where the waves are the main fan thought after work, it was a news disturbed mind -- Zhou Libo was arrested in Long Island, a car with guns and drugs.

id=? I love the comb oil head, wearing a suit and coffee preaching of Zhou Libo will actually get caught taking drugs? This team will continue the derailment _ (3: ∠ _

) to see my earnest small eyes, and let me out of here ↓

" back to Shanghai "Mingzui" has lost shame to the United States. The main fan can not help but sigh, America's "Long Island people" is comparable to the Chaoyang people catch drug grasping a prospective, see the route can be discerned, is really bad!

in fact, this is not the first time Zhou Libo committed earlier, because before the father-in-law knocked out one eye, made 205 days in prison, it is never change.

to eat melon masses discuss direction, are all applauded, the various regions of the people sent a congratulatory message ("finally a little taste of the year), eight gold summary is" standing wave is difficult, the eight party Zan, see the main fan laughed out the sound of the first good news...

eat the melon A:2017 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

eat melon B: powerful big brother, no wonder the mouth so poison ah!

C: eat the melon to catch a good, old Yakuza, speech is very arrogant and hate.

eat melon D:

could not be loaded to force sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Zhou Libo: you know what, drink coffee, eat garlic and elegant, elegant vulgar vulgar; drug abuse, smoking. Our high-end coquettish drug party, can you draw these tobacco farmers can compare


had been arrested for drug abuse is a serious thing Hin, did not expect to eat melon people like the Chinese new year, like happy. Although you said this is not good, but can let all people clap together so eat melon "point Zan", the main fan think Zhou Libo was really something, it seems ferial 13 no white dress.

" into id_imagebox_3 also loaded forced, forced to lose leaf perview_img_p.

today, the main fan with fan friends look at Zhou Libo's act (failure) history, and his luxury luxury cars and lifestyles -- ~

· really opened the door to the world; the loading force, standing wave welcome -

1. -

drug loading force strength of the Zhou Libo speech,

and colleagues in the face men in the Long Island capture, a colt Mustang 380 caliber pistol and two bags of cocaine in the car. Eat melon people immediately think of 2012 he had on micro-blog claimed to cure drug ↓

"captured Zhou Libo suggested selling poison food every 1000 yuan of sales income is jailed for a year, more than 20 thousand -- no period! More than 50 thousand - shot! More than 60 thousand - shot! Save! Another shot! More than 70 thousand will be regarded as a diplomatic event! "

vowed to shoot people shouting, but did not expect this to himself to" shoot". In fact, as early as 2009, Zhou Libo's ex-wife Zhang Jie broke the news of Zhou Libo had four years of history of drug abuse, as well as a video capture Zhou Libo suffering.Jpg a ↓

[but this thing is Zhou Libo unchastened barge back. Zhou Libo said that his "drunken video", also never said a bite "one with you together for 8 years, to be planted what dirty words, technically there is no problem. "

also said he would never take drugs even if he was a drug dealer.

today ", should the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked" Zhang Jie that "please don't upside to Hu" performing "it. You can cheat for a while, but you can't fool me. "If

2009 has been 4 years history of drug abuse, so Zhou Libo's drug history is down to about 12 years... No wonder this so crazy, mouth poison and smelly, seem to eat bad food caused.

2. loaded force -

self created factions, self righteous

we often say that as a celebrity, modest low-key is always good. But Zhou Libo did not love, he always opinionated assume air of self importance.

as a self styled "Shanghai Qing mouth" was founded, what is the Shanghai Qing mouth? "A performance of the talk show, is a kind of" intelligent performance form ", is the original Zhou Libo. Shanghai Qingkou mainly in the form of humor about the inventory of current events, knowledge structure and language training. "

well, said so much is not a trace, it is Zhou Libo's own bullshit on stage, but also a literary faction. You say this is not what

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