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fan Master said: there is no longer a senior face, blame me?

(business models produced, reproduced please specify)

often to the beginning of the men's week, is the brightest stars who are concentrated (now) ugly (eye) moment. This year

DaTouZhen fan mine down the Lord is the Dolce & Gabbana (Fanzhu referred to as "big brother").

" is probably a bit more to try out a gimmick, this time please, brother Chen Xuedong, Sheng Yilun these new generation of teachers on stage catwalk, people have said that they are guilty of the embarrassment of cancer.

- I is "into a fake Dolce & Gabbana show FIN

cut pieces of light to see static pictures, fan friends very difficult to feel kind of awkward aura. Take a look at the dynamic map, feel the Chinese male (wild) mold (Ming) special (star) in the international T stage of the step ~ cut ~

Sheng students crown crown, expressionless face (cold storage face). In addition to the first glance Hin short (after all, like Huang Xiaoming and height is a mystery), there is no too many slots.

to Wuli however is not the first time during winter, nervous or how, come on and sing on stage T's little brother collided with ↓

this style minute of the main fan think of Wuli Versace shows Taotao strayed ah, but the pace of Taotao than Chen Xuedong diao↓

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and Wuli but all of this common calm pace compared are bubble ↓ "img_box"

Burberry and Dolce&Gabbana of different tune itself, choose what kind of M Odel, the brand naturally has his consideration. But this time, the Chen Xuedong, Sheng Yilun, who moved out, melon people say they can not accept.

A: I eat the melon is certainly into the fake Dolce & Gabbana show, a group of red net guangdaijie.

eat the melon B: sense of violation and bursting, even if the star, also to look at the figure, 185 did not go hair ah?

eat the melon C: in the middle of the night to see the Dolce & Gabbana show, not kind to laugh.

but, Dolce&Gabbana himself is playing very high. Interact with stars on micro-blog. The big show before the start, even the micro-blog N (holding) pre heat (foot). Said he is Dolce & Gabbana · Chen, Chen Xuedong steal micro-blog, the main fan felt kind of retarded bug is likely to be true ↓

" this is the first time for the big Chen winter catwalk, although the fans have given great support for love, but objectively speaking, the actors go T this thing many cross Taiwan people are not optimistic about the. Chen Xuedong saw the destruction of the old name of all kinds of black history, you know that fashion is not you want to control, you can control the.

: I'm Chen Xuedong is how to destroy the big "FIN

" - cut pieces when it comes to specialize in ", have to say the main fan, Chen Xuedong is really not a background of the male students.

although he is an actor, but he's in his early years, as a model of identity debut: 2008 new model contest Zhejiang division model award ↓

" to 2005 Liu Wen also participated in the new Silk Road, the Hunan Division title, go on the road to model. But that year won the prize competition in the new Silk Road small Chen classmates, but did not adhere to the road to model (I wasn't good enough? However, since the

goose, because (he) Guo Jing (old) Ming (male) director of the "time" fame, Chen Xuedong is in line with the international big brand gradually destroyed, tireless.

. Repeatedly challenge the big

2015 years of men's week, a few bold attempt to Gucci the "girl wind" Chinese male stars, including Chen Xuedong a.

printing small suit is like a layer of wallpaper paste he can't breathe; black collar is a failure, he exposed the truth of a short neck; hand pockets for a hand before the hip movement, together and flared trousers shoes, with a trace of mother class= gas ~

" this is not the end, Chen Xuedong also played a "! Mr. Shang, but also Guo Jingming. Watercress score 2.6, simply did not see.

of the TV are filled with the smell of money, as a work in the fashion magazine two rich generation, Chen Xuedong in the play also not stop wearing big, especially gaudy flamboyant pajamas, severely hurt the eyes of the main fan.

is wearing a red stamp red crane gown, standing in the wind, let the wind blow the Qunjiao wanton pajamas ↓

in Gucci2016 spring and summer series of pajamas, playfully sitting on the sofa. Pajamas on the sleeve in the original design of the original is a bright spot, but in the Chen students, there is a kind of
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