Fish Leong son was praised star baby first handsome"


wangyiyule· 2017-01-21 11:07:02

entertainment NetEase in January 21 reported according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Fish Leong sang many popular songs, 2010 and Zhao Yuantong (Tony) into the auditorium, 2014 born baby son Zhao Yichen (Anderson). Anderson is just 1 years old when he was named "star handsome baby first" of the title, and this year will be over 3 years old and he is not super adorable, with big eyes and bushy eyes suction eye.

Fish Leong and her husband Zhao Yuan with a happy marriage, often sharing 1 family of 3 living in micro-blog, very funny and lovely. In 2015, just over 1 years old, lively and vivid expression Anderson, with big eyes and bushy eyes have praised the people at that time, is handsome, more crowned "star handsome baby first" title.

and Anderson will be 3 this year, the parents in collocation carefully, will put a tilted, Minzui smile like a little Pose, like Model, after growing up, facial features become more stereo, when the camera always eyed, and caused a discussion of < / p>

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