The new "legend" is only a look at the scene and it lost

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tanzi· 2017-01-21 11:07:04

IP was shot repeatedly repeatedly shot, like the TV movie remake industry never tire of playing games.

to tell you the truth, when I heard this year and a version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes", the jar (micro signal: tanziapp) brother heart there is only one idea: in the end of this bunch of people eat what? The skin can grow so thick?

was originally with the feeling of conflict, but did not expect this drama was broadcast a few days, even … score, but also quite high what is the ghost?

would like to say that the cast of the play, except for some older, often in the drama of the supporting role of the predecessors.

also are new, are almost never seen before, for example, Guo Jing is a young man called Yang Xuwen, was not handsome, a bit silly.

" and the actor called Li Yitong, looks a little sweet sweet kind, laughing eyes curved.

" was now a new batch of actors feel are criticized for acting, yet the flow of flowers, so when a cast list is a new face, really feel that the director is really brother live more and more daring, ruined classic to the eyes. The results of

comments on Douban, not to say that the director, screenwriter, respect the original high reduction degree

is actually very rare in praise of new actors to not play

, this result is unexpected to the no, so brother immediately went to see two sets well, brother, can only say that with today's all kinds of drama, a remake of the Ministry of food, also seems to be reluctant.

" is about "Legend of the Condor Heroes", everyone has been the most discussed is the role of Huang Rong, no matter which version of "legend", if women hold live the role of Huang Rong, it even succeeded in 50%?

have to say, this quirky and somewhat perverse female characters, it is full of magic, people just want to spoil the whole of her tolerance.

" so, compared to the version of "legend", first of all should put up, logically speaking, it should be female owners on the role of Huang Rong in moderation.

in all the scenes of Huang Rong, a classic appearance, is on board for women then go out and Guo Jing had, no matter how changes in each version of the plot, this scene is to retain some, is regarded as the representative of Huang Rong's number?

today so brother want to compare the various versions of our scene change.

is the earliest edition and you may have heard, is Catherina Yim, too long, can not find the image, so it is not the change scene contrast.

" however, this version of Huang Rong, see the appearance, a little woman like ah … look at photos not too smart brother find tender feeling.

" and is unanimously regarded as classics of Barbara Yung Huang Rong.

version of the Barbara Yung Huang Rong show was a color change, first hand out from the ship curtain, and then head to see Guo Jing secretly spending.

" to see Guo Jingbei in front of her, she would secretly laugh, a little girl wanted to make a little bad feeling, then talk Jing brother

Guo Jing ran to her before that she looks like a friend of his, her grin on his face, eyes, tone and a little ironic deliberately playing tricks on look: wouldn't you? How can I be a friend like you, so stingy?

" only this one scene, dialogue is not much, but the audience will be able to immediately get to Huang Rong is eccentric, weird character.

so, this version is a classic, it makes sense.

88 a version of "legend", female Lord Idy Chan, long or good-looking, but when she played Huang Rong is 35 years old … so, and then challenge the smart girl, is a little

said this a dress show, this version of Idy Chan is really props … a little spicy eyes, Barbara Yung's version is somehow out on location, Idy Chan was in the studio directly took the oars in the other row, Na Zha is also a little drunk …

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