Unsaddle Andy Lau why not substitute?


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really hope small meat has been using the "double", price is not hard, at least safe ah! You see, Jet Li's doubles were killed, but they didn't play! A 38 year old aspiring aspiring "stand up" actor says.

entertainment BigBang 208th, not regularly updated, BOOM! The


"no substitute" Andy Lau horse!

nonstop, even the king fell on the ground, but also with the "feet" to step on, Andy Lau was insane beast on lumbar spine fracture. This is not the king riding in the manor, in a leisurely and carefree mood, but in Thailand commercials at the scene, of course advertising to suspend shooting, removal compensation, Andy Lau lost a lot of!

so dangerous, why don't you use a double?

" this is not the first time he was shot, "the Warlords", Andy Lau's horse, out of control, then the front or a valley, slope, fifty meters! Andy Lau almost died!

the same incident also occurred in Lin Chiling body, with the words of friends: let the goddess burst the chest. About ten years ago, Lin Chiling also accidentally shot the advertisement of a fall from the horse chest had caused the chest fracture of 6 ribs on the spot, the rest for nearly 4 months before the comeback. At that time, she was red, a few months down, the loss immeasurable.

is so dangerous, why don't you use a double?

"strength" Tang Guoqiang in the film "Yan Zhenqing" is also unfortunate horse riding injuries, the left clavicle, four left thoracic rib fracture, the crew said: the rest of the lens take an indefinite delay.

so dangerous, "the old man" really should use a substitute!

"niche" Nie Yuan had a fall in the film version of "Three Kingdoms", at that time because of the horse frightened horse was falling off the horse and foot injuries, after simple treatment, although Nie Yuan insisted that the rest of the day a few scenes finished, but still the unbearable pain, then back to Beijing for treatment.

although Nie Yuan commercial value is not so scary, but it was a popular niche, is the star. So dangerous, "Zhao Yun" you can also use a substitute ah?

Andy Lau in the fall of the morning, a little meat Poser news caused a great disturbance, offer up to 60 million fee, but only to the 65 day schedule, director and writer all requirements with him, "not too play fashion, have no way to tell which lines, probably it is not suitable for the glorious image too vulgar to be endured they want to bring their own, a screenwriter to modify the content, look at this posture, the little meat to heaven.

" to tell the truth, to be bullied by the director, the meat is very good, at least qinliqinwei! You have seen the

live mold + skin mask filming? Also really have! Of course, this is the most extreme, small meat does not want to act, is to find a substitute, some people say that you can go to Hengdian city to see the film, there are many double flooding, some of the stars of the scenes, probably more than half are all double completed.


in fact, stunt is part of a film, the need to take a dangerous scene, for the protection of the actor is not injured, "stunt" personnel and the minimum requirements of actors is not his own lines to say it? Or to take such a high salary, really okay?

teacher Li Xuejian NUPI had little meat: with the price paid so much for not remembering lines is shameful. Jackie Chan is the younger brother of the new generation of what do not understand. Rely on the hype, overnight fame is not long.

, but note that the two old man said "double" are the need to personally go into battle scene, Jackie Chan in the film "who I am" also used many times. Think of the last century in 90s, action movies, TV drama now know a lot of relatively mild, even the action, also later processing. So, the actor acting is more secure, so not only meat Care, because of their popularity with the amount of walking, or that sentence: being lost!

so many little meat was traced to Poser, (mold), with double unreasonable, won't listen to reason, who are they?

don't know!

" most small meat are denied, the crew Yang Yang said in a statement: Yang Yang himself is very strict on their own, his efforts of the whole crew obvious to people!

sparrow director denied Li Yifeng crazy with a substitute: he is indeed very dedicated! And is very dedicated!

Ding Sheng director said that they wanted to give Huang Zitao the action because of danger, to find a substitute, but I will insist on myself. The director also said let the avatars do it again, so Zi Tao

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