Beijing winds caused the Imperial Palace shenwumen plaque border off

Beijing the Imperial Palace north gate wind

beijingchenbao· 2017-01-21 11:10:16

"the Imperial Palace Museum shenwumen" plaque on the evening of January 19, 2017 occurred at around 7 off part of the border, after a preliminary verification, the other part of the border there are signs of loosening. The above five characters is inscribed by Guo Moruo.

last night, the Imperial Palace shenwumen plaque up under the wooden construction, ongoing repairs. The day before yesterday evening, a part of the border was found off, in order to ensure the safety of the audience, the the Imperial Palace began to repair its enclosure. The Imperial Palace Museum

according to the relevant person in charge, in late January 19th 7, a part of the border off, after a preliminary verification, the other part of the border there are signs of loosening (according to the Beijing Youth Daily reported, the Department of Beijing caused by the wind). Because shenwumen is the main channel of the Imperial Palace museum visitors away from the hospital, in view of the current situation of shenwumen plaque has produced serious security risks, to ensure that visitors safe, the Imperial Palace Museum in the evening on a border check and loose loose component serious part removed, 20 began to conduct a comprehensive repair of shenwumen plaque.

the official said, the first will repair the erection of a wooden frame firmly confirmed, taking into account during the Spring Festival audience demand, in case that remained open to further improve the safety protection measures in the lower board erection wooden door. During the renovation, the audience can also from shenwumen away from the hospital, and the the Imperial Palace Museum in the construction of enclosure printed on the "the Imperial Palace Museum" reads the text, to take care of the visitor's experience and feelings.

Guo Moruo wrote the board outside the wall block "brilliant the Imperial Palace Museum" five reads the word for Mr. Guo Moruo in 1971 by more than 40 years, has become the important mark of the Imperial Palace Museum, is also a classical background audience to visit the Imperial Palace museum after a photo of the.

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