Look at the 10 yuan lunch Japanese primary school, this is a win at the starting line

Nutrition lunch Japan starting line

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original title: Secret Japanese primary school 10 dollars nutrition lunch, this is the real win at the starting line

I started,

I'm full".

… …


lunch etiquette" video,

is a Japanese woman living in New York,

children when she went to the school visit,

was amazed at the scene:

on the table for lunch a lot of waste, a mess,

floor scattered garbage.

" as environmental experts and documentary director

, she really can not stand,

returned to Japan, she made a short documentary,

called "Japanese school lunch",

wanted to deter New York school leaders,

did not expect but let this lunch way burst of red network.

1300 +

million times watch, nearly 60 thousand points Zan, ten thousand comments,

8 minutes of video,

complete about lunch 45 minutes and 45 minutes,

this is not so easy to eat.

school principal said: This 45 minutes of lunch time, but also learning, with their math or reading class is no different.

" with a director named Yui

came to the fifth grade students of a primary school in Saitama,

school is to provide nutritious lunch, "/p>

Yui can still take lunch box,

box what?

" the answer is: mat, chopsticks.

" and the set of sanitary products, toothbrush handkerchief etc..

students begin the course of the morning, the central kitchen


began a day of work,

in Japan, the school canteen hygiene standards,

is higher than that of ordinary restaurant,

inside the chefs all heavily armed.

" (uniform spotless, mask and hat Qi Quan

) a total of 682 school students, teachers and staff of


5, a cook in three hours,

made 720

fresh food, at the same time, also want to take care of every component,

is not a small challenge.

" today to do the main fish pear juice,

to do the fish and cook poured on pear juice,

has become the students love the dishes.

" however and this pot of Mashed Potato,

let the director be startled at have their own small farm,


is actually the potatoes out of the sixth grade students personally. Is not a special case of school

" this vast, but the Japanese government has encouraged the practice of

since the

students to field farming,

can directly experience the precious food,

as long as there is the conditions of the school will be the implementation of

. From the beginning of know how hard to cherish.

" (some schools and orchard) the bell rang on time at


is different from the Chinese children rushed out of the classroom at the cafeteria, they


open lunch box mat and cutlery,

directly to the classroom as a cafeteria.

" and the calm behind

, another group of people busy,

they are on duty for lunch today,

class all meals by their back.

" only to get lunch before the

to do well armed,

on the white apron, wearing masks, meal

cap, and put the extra hair into a hat, a group of

students on duty station into a

, waiting to get a small the book one asked

"there is no diarrhea, cough or runny nose? Does

have serious hand washing? "

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