75 pounds of Petite mother weight experts say children do not affect production

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dachuwang· 2017-01-21 12:23:36

angelababy recently had the baby, many netizens lamented how smooth so thin? Today, the Wuhan Department of gynaecology and obstetrics experts explained that the absolute pointer was small and lighter weight than the judge whether birth.

Wuchang District, Ms. Liu, 26 years old, height of only 1.55 meters, before pregnancy weight only about $75, to the late pregnancy, although Ms. sun has been very hard to add nutrition, weight did not rise much.

home to do a good job of the sun can not give birth to the child, has been advised her cesarean section. But Ms. sun still decided to try a birth, a professional assessment chief midwife You Liping, Ms. sun found that although petite and lighter weight, but there is no absolute cesarean pointer, the birth canal is also very good condition, and Ms. sun own strong desire to own.

recently, after the joint efforts of Ms. sun and You Liping, Ms. sun successfully gave birth to a 6 pound baby son of 4 of two.

Wuhan MCH produced two ward chief physician Zhou Jieqiong, in Wuhan maternal and child health hospital, received many maternal and many pocket lightweight mother, many people think that small and thin are not suitable for birth, but for obstetrics and Gynecology professional doctor, a small, lighter weight and not judging whether birth absolute pointer.

she said, in the vast majority of cases, the merger during pregnancy has the following aspects of the problem, women need to be cautious. Maternal prenatal examination in the diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus, placenta previa, placenta accreta and other serious complications of pregnancy, or itself with heart disease, high blood pressure complications. If the child's position is not correct during pregnancy, childbirth difficulty will increase dramatically, and even cause maternal bleeding, critical maternal and fetal life safety.

doctor to maternal prenatal production conditions were evaluated once belongs to the maternal pelvis, vaginal dystocia occurs difficulty increases, the risk is very high. During pregnancy, no good weight control, resulting in huge fetus, birth up difficulty is very great, the production process on the one hand, prone to birth canal laceration, and if the fetus is too large, will also increase the risk of dystocia, be careful.

her, pregnant women should choose the mode of production according to the actual situation of individuals in the prenatal doctor to comprehensive assessment according to the actual situation of maternal, targeted guidance for maternal mode of production, to ensure the production safety. (reporter correspondent Zhang Jingyi Chen Yuan)

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75 pounds of Petite mother weight experts say children do not affect production

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