250 yuan to buy 1680 yuan ticket after dumbfounded

Tickets concert value Yancheng

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Modern Express News (reporter Jiang Zhenjun) the evening of January 19, 2017, in the Yancheng national economic and Technological Development Zone International Convention and Exhibition Center was bustling, "Asian superstar Spring Concert staged passion, many stars have a joyous gathering. Modern Express reporter learned that, behind the concert, police in Yancheng Development Zone has quietly action, every Duandiao a run around the concert ticket reselling counterfeit gang.

gang in Yancheng Development Zone police arrested for "

tickets on sale since the hard to get a vote, to see their idol, that night, many fans gathered outside the field museum looking for opportunities. "The police, Miss Li, Miss Ji Yancheng fans arrived early at the International Convention and Exhibition Center, they are looking for a low-cost transfer of tickets in a crowded place. All this is daopiao gang in the eyes, after some bargaining, each spend 250 yuan from a foreign accent speaking man bought a face value of 1680 yuan tickets, enter the concert scene. But

, two person ticket seat has long been the main, two people suddenly feel cheated, immediately to the duty venue of Yancheng Development Zone Public Security Bureau police reflect, immediately after receiving the report to the security headquarters report. Branch rapid response, immediately set up a task force, the soldiers divided into multi-channel, light and shade two lines of work.

20 minutes, the police successfully arrested at the scene Ji Lee in 2 men from Henan forging and reselling tickets for the concert, concert tickets and work documents seized several. The police nonstop, through the line tracking, the other two suspects were arrested in a hotel in Yancheng city.

"Rene Liu 2016 world tour Nanning Railway Station, Xueyou classic World Tour FoShan Railway Station, Richard. Clayderman piano concert and so on work permit, license, certificate, full broadcast stage card, walkie talkie, tape, glue and other tools of crime Goods are available in all varieties. "The scene and hotel search, let the police investigators look foolish," this is a large occupation in the country of the concert ticket reselling the counterfeit gang. "

"concert of various forged work documents according to the police police for map

Yancheng Development Zone, the gang clear division of labor, in close collaboration, they hang with fake certificates, identity, posing as staff to enter the stadium, the audience to draw admission the name of the stub, and then pass to the periphery from the periphery with glue paste before the sale of tickets for the night to benefit the masses of illegal.

" concert ticket reselling forged police for map

the modern express reporter learned that the current suspects Ji a suspicion of forgery reselling valuable tickets crime criminal detention by the police, the other three suspects were legally security detention for ten days, another the suspect is online pursuit, the case is under further digging.

"there's no bargain in the world. "Development Zone police remind the general public, forgery, illegal reselling price ticket is, buy event tickets should go to buy a regular ticket outlets, not because of the temptation of cheap, buy from cattle or other non official channels. (editor Xia Yun)

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