The curious man into the studio: female anchor very teasing

Anchor tease broadcast dress

shenguangdiandiyixian· 2017-01-21 12:25:36

mobile phone broadcast by more and more people sought after, but some broadcast platform, in order to attract viewers and get more benefits, openly acting people rush into danger, "red" program. (source: deep radio first scene) "img_box"

, who lives in Luohu, Mr. Xiong accidentally learned that a mobile phone broadcast platform, driven by curiosity, he downloaded the bank customer end, open look, the results be startled at … … (source: deep the first radio site) "img_box"

" Mr. bear that only one or two live with this kind of phenomenon, but after watching several performances, found this jurisprudence is a common phenomenon. He chose to report to the platform operators, but the other side ignored. (source: deep radio first scene) "img_box"

" reporter in the mobile phone installed on the broadcast software, free to enter a studio, found a female anchor, wearing very exposed, doing provocative action. And once someone spent hundreds of dollars gift, the anchor said to drive, that is to do some pornographic performances. And at this time she will set the room into a payment option, you want to watch, then every visitor should choose to pay. Reporters rough statistics, this female anchor just 2 days, they received a gift of nearly ten thousand yuan, earn more than $7000 live broadcast. (source: deep radio first scene) "img_box"

" for a few rooms, although the content is different, but the platform almost every studio are doing similar performances. The reporter to see the platform "live code", which was written with the anchor shall not engage in pornography, seizure of offenders. But when the reporter called a 0452 Qigihar telephone complaints, the other party has been unable to connect.

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