The thief does not know! Throw away a small amount of cash Hermes bag

Hermes the thief cash Xuzhou

lizhiwang· 2017-01-21 12:25:41

1 19 in the morning, Ms. Wang Xuzhou picked up a 6000 yuan worth of Hermes brand bag in her bag in the corridor, and the driver's license certificate of bank card etc.. Worry about the owner worry, Ms. Wang will quickly sent to the police station Feng Cai package. After the police investigation found that this package was originally not Shihuo to throw the thief.

screen wearing a green jacket is picking up the package of Ms. Wang, she found in the storied building in this package, immediately sent to the police station. The police by the owner, identity card number, the owner came to the police station, the mood is also very excited.

was a new Hermes bag, a day before the victim is forgotten in his car at night, the night by the thieves smashed the window bag stolen, the thief can not know what only took a small amount of cash in the bag the value of 6000 yuan, the Hermes bag to throw in a nearby corridor.

Ms. Wang said she had a bottle of perfume in the value of more than 1600 yuan, in addition to a small amount of cash was taken away by thieves, the rest of the goods intact. Currently, the police have stolen property in their car cases, criminal cases are being dealt with. (editor Xia Yun)

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