Priority in the United states! Trump: Americans buying American goods


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" Trump said to the interests of the American people first, and when the American people together, the United States will become irresistible. (source: The Associated Press)

China daily on 21 January, (Sun Ruonan) local time on January 20th, the new American president Trump was sworn in at the Houses of Parliament, officially became the forty-fifth president of the United states. In 16 minutes in his inaugural speech, Trump has repeatedly stressed that the priority of the United States, he said that one day the people of the United States to regain control of the state power, the American people should unite and change the future of the United States, witnessed the prosperity of hitherto unknown. The United States

priority: after the ruling People's interests first

Trump said: "today's ceremony is very special, because today we are not only the transfer of power, the power from Washington D.C. to all the people.

he said: "we are a country, a country, the pain of others is our pain, their dream is our dream, their achievements will be our achievements. We live in a home, million people united as one man, will share the dazzling achievements. "

he mentioned that in the past few years, the United States' industrial transfer their nutrition, industry has declined; American aid to other countries, its military strength was weakened; the United States is committed to protecting the territory of other countries, but ignore their own territory; the United States will be trillions of dollars of overseas infrastructure he is in disrepair, perennial abandoned. Trump said the United States to help his country on the road to prosperity, and the United States of America's wealth, power and confidence has gradually disappeared on the horizon.

"we are gathered here today to let the world know that from now on, the United States will have a new world, the United States priority! Said Trump.

he said that no matter what the next thing, will give priority to the americans. Trump says it will not let people down, will bring jobs back to America to secure the border, to regain the wealth of the United States and the American people rediscover the dream, "the United States will start to win again, to witness the prosperity of hitherto unknown".

for how to achieve the priority of the United States, Trump gives his own answer: first, to buy American products, two is to hire u.s..

said no practice: ironic politicians too bureaucratic

Trump in his inaugural speech, expressed dissatisfaction with the elite in washington. "For a long time, a small group of people in Washington have seized the fruits of their interests, but the cost is borne by the people. Washington is thriving, people do not share the wealth. Politicians are packed, jobs are scarce, factories are closed, "he said.

Trump said that the organization is to protect themselves, rather than the United States citizens, their success and victory does not belong to you. As they celebrate in our capital, there is nothing to celebrate on the land of countless struggling families. But these things will change, change here, change at this time. Because your time has come, this moment belongs to you".

he said, this is a day for all Americans, this is your day of celebration, we are in United States of America, is your country.

Trump said that from now on, belongs to everyone. "It's really important, which is not a party, but our government is not the rule by the people," Trump said, "people will remember this day, this day the people of the United States to regain control of state power.

in addition, he said the United States no longer accept those words, only complain and never tries to change the government, "empty talk time is over. Now is the time for action ". Let us once again the great

is different from the previous remarks about race, Trump said in his inaugural address, "we can stop splitting and differences, whether we are black, white or brown skin, we are patriotic people, no matter where the United States was born, people's hearts are carrying the same dream. At the end of the

speech, Trump again assured the public that all Americans would not be ignored. He said, "your voice, your hopes and your dreams will define America's destiny. Your courage, kindness and love will always guide us. We will make us strong again, we will allow the United States to rich, we will make us proud again, we will allow the United States to safety, of course, we will work together to do this, thank you, let us strong again. "

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